What Are Your Thoughts on Starbuck’s Decision to Ban Guns?

Starbucks gun ban

Have you heard about the new ban Starbucks instituted in all their stores? Starbucks customers are no longer allowed to bring  weapons inside a Starbucks store. This remains a rule even if it is legal to carry a weapon in that state.

Students from each grade level and a faculty member were asked:

What Are Your Thoughts on Starbuck’s Decision to Ban Guns?

8,David Ponthieux“I think they should allow guns because if people think they need guns, then they should allow them for their safety,” pre-freshman David Ponthieux said.


9,Mark Larson“I think people have a right to have a gun in Starbucks because there could be a killer in there that disobeys the rules and shoots them all up. And, if there is a guy with a gun in there, then he could shoot that guy, protecting everyone else,” freshman Mark Larson said.


Austin Hayes“I think it’s a good thing because it would make people feel uncomfortable if there is a guy with a gun next to them. Now, people can go in and feel more comfortable,” sophomore Austin Hayes said.


11, Jp Juge

“It is kinda pointless that the CEO said this because they aren’t changing the policy as far as I know. So, even though he is expressing his opinion, I think he is just doing it for a publicity stunt,” junior  Jean-Paul Juge said.


12, William Gement

“I would say it doesn’t matter to me because I don’t carry a weapon around, but I wouldn’t feel any safer or in danger if people brought their guns in or not,” senior William Gement said.


Administrator Donald Midkiff“The CEO of Starbucks is just discouraging customers  bringing guns in; all businesses do that.  Starbucks was just the first to say something about it. I think they did this because they believe their customer base does not want guns in their store,” Science Teacher Donald Midkiff said.

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