Campus Sees Pizza Provider Changes

The oh-so familiar smell of pizza wafts down the halls toward the end of the class before lunch, distracting students from their work as thoughts shift to warm cheese and tasty pepperoni on top of a hot and soft crust. As class ends and students run down the hall to receive their delicious “Pizza Day” pizzas, beggars and negotiators from all around try to grab a slice from each buyer’s box, hoping to dive into the greasy, cheesy, and somewhat meaty concoction of deliciousness.

Dominoes - cropped
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It’s no secret that pizza has become a vital part of student life on the St. Paul’s School campus. Pizza Days happen all year round as fundraisers for various campus groups. Teachers often order pizza at random class times to reward their students. The only problem that occurred was deciding from which restaurant to order pizza. However, all that has changed since the St. Paul’s administration recently announced that Domino’s Pizza shall provide all pizza for the school for the low price of $5 per large one-topping pizza whenever ordering two or more.

“Before proceeding with the switch,  I ran it through all channels of administration as well as the moderators and boosters who most frequently order pizza, and it was universally approved.  The consensus was whatever helps St. Paul’s the most,” Development Director Al Nastasi said regarding the move to a single pizza provider.

Two pizza-loving students pose for a photo.
Though pizza may not be the healthiest food option, students enjoy the flavor and are encouraged by endorsers and other students to purchase pizza for many different fundraisers and causes. (Image source: “Pizza in a Can” short film by Guerrilla Wolves)

So far this school year, St. Paul’s has had only one Pizza Day fundraiser, which was conducted by Lasallian Youth Leaders and Papa John’s Pizza.  It was not long after this Pizza Day that the school announced the new agreement with Domino’s. Since then, students have expressed mixed opinions.

“I personally enjoy Papa John’s better as a pizza. I’m disappointed that we decided to go with Domino’s as the single provider. But honestly, pizza is pizza when it really comes down to it, so I can’t complain that much,” senior Thomas Huval noted.

“I find Papa John’s pizza very bland. I think Domino’s has a better flavor and I also like the garlic crust,” junior Trey Couvillion disagreed.

Originally, Domino’s was targeting football games, but it was the amount of pizza that is ordered for non-sports occasions that prompted them to become the official sponsor for the entire school system.

“They have pledged and have already delivered support to school programs both financially and otherwise,” Nastasi said. “For instance, they have  offered tents at football games and have furnished a better heat retention source for the pizza being sold at the games.”

Pizza Picture 2
Pizza has quickly become as much a part of St. Paul’s School as the new dress uniforms. Watch this video to see how some students have been influenced by pizza on campus. (video provided by Guerrilla Wolves)

As of now, Domino’s is on track to sponsor two of the home games for St. Paul’s football and have recently sponsored the Joseph A. Champagne Jr. / Gene Bennett Alumni Golf Tournament at the Gold level, the highest available level.

The decision to maintain a single campus-wide pizza provider will be reevaluated at the end of the school year, says Nastasi.



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