Key Club to Be a Key Club in 2014

Key Club logo(COVINGTON, La.) St. Paul’s School’s Key Club set a goal of expanding in the 2014-2015 school year through addressing the needs of the community by new ways of service.

Club organizer Principal Trevor Watkins is aware many students might not know what Key Club is, since it was only recently reestablished on campus and is small in numbers compared to other student organizations.

“I’m not interested in keeping it a small club at all,” said Watkins, who has big plans for the group.

Although some students may think Key Club is about collecting keys that have some sort of historical connection to the objects they unlock, the club is actually an international high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis to help students be engaged with their community through service.

According to Watkins, SPS had a very active Key Club years ago, but it was found redundant once service hours were required. However, it was brought back a couple of years ago by students who had a Key Club at their old school and were expecting one at SPS. Watkins hopes to really promote the club and have a big year in 2014 as far as growth and promoting the club goes.

SPS is known for service-based clubs. There are plenty on campus, such as Student Hosts, Lasallian Youth Leaders, and Habitat for Humanity. Watkins doesn’t think of having this many service-based clubs as a problem, because more options for a student is never an issue. And because many schools have Key Club as it is, he doesn’t think getting kids to join will be an issue either.

According to Watkins, one thing that makes Key Club different is that Key Club is a family thing, with a major emphasis on children. Key Club also goes from junior high all the way through college and offers career opportunities, as well. Also, Key Club does service activities not covered by the other service groups. For instance, they will be having a book drive for grammar schools soon.

Watkins along with student, Michael Seenappa, run Key Club, and are currently recruiting new members. Students interested in joining the program are encouraged to sign up in Watkins’ office or talk to Seenappa on campus.

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