Wolves to Wail Over New Satirical News Segment

The up-and-coming "Cry Wolf" segment, features appropriately satirical news for the Saint Paul's community to enjoy. (Source: National Geographic Kids, tear added by Colin Rice by use of Snapchat)
The up-and-coming “Cry Wolf” segment,  features appropriately satirical news for the St. Paul’s community to enjoy. (Image Source: National Geographic Kids, graphics by Colin Rice)

(COVINGTON, La) — The Paper Wolf, alongside being the official news source of the St. Paul’s School, serves as a place for students to channel their creativity through “The Back Page” section of the site. The Back Page has served as a venue for narratives, captivating short stories, and the occasional cartoon created by contributing writers, as well as Paper Wolf staff.

Beginning this school semester, sophomore student Hyde Healy has decided to augment this by adding his new segment “Cry Wolf” to The Back Page. On this platform he will write satirical articles, mostly revolving around SPS, to spruce up student morale and bring about laughter and readership.

“I love writing and comedy and have always admired The Onion and their work,” Healy said. “I decided it would be fun to write satirical news, and thought of The Paper Wolf and their wide variety of content. I knew it would be a good outlet for whatever I decided to write.”

Hyde Healy, the mind behind The Paper Wolf’s upcoming “Cry Wolf” segment, holds a canine of his own. (Photo courtesy Hyde Healy)

At this point, Healy is doing this as a means of creativity and involvement, and does not wish to pursue a career in journalism.

Not right now,” Healy said, “but in the future, who knows?”

At some point, Healy will branch out beyond school news in his writing. Healy is excited about being featured in the public forum and plans to be witty within appropriate boundaries.

“Honestly, I’m not really nervous,” Healy said. “I guess I am a little nervous as to whether people will like it or not, but I have high hopes. Satire has the potential to offend people, but I believe they will understand the intention and joking nature of it.”

Healy also has some idea on how often his series will publish.

“Although this may change in the future,” Healy said, “as of right now, the articles will be published weekly.”

The segment, though making light of the SPS operations at times, will help the school by promoting a cross-curricular function which SACS suggested during their recent evaluation.

“The cross-curricular aspect of what our teachers are doing now will just add to authentic learning for the students,” SPS Assistant Principal Joe Dickens said. “It’s going to be hugely affirmative for a kid to be working on the same skills as an English class in a history class, or in this case, a creative writing class as he is in a journalism class.”



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