Mid season NFL Update

Cardinals, Titans, and the Packers are at the top of the NFL with a record of 8-2. The Cardinals and Packers are also at the top of NFC. The Titans are at the top of the AFC with a season record of 8-2. Although, the Cardinals look to a game against the Seahawks, who are 3-6. The Hawks have been having a rough year and will probably lose this week because they went head to head against one of the leaders in the league, the Packers, the game went 17-0, so they may not have a chance against the Cardinals. The game could be close. Judging by how they have been doing this season, it probably will not be a close game. The Packers this week are playing the Vikings, who is 4-5, won last week, and is one of the rivals of the Packers. Also, last week the number one wide receiver for the Vikings, Justin Jefferson, got 143 receiving yards, and the running back Dalvin Cook got 110 rushing yards. 

Another interesting team is the Saints, who are 5-4, lost their starting quarterback, and is the football team of Louisiana, Jameis Winston suffered a torn ACL in the 8th week of the season, and Micheal Thomas is still out. The thing is that the Saints have been doing pretty well even with the losses of their starters. Trevor Simien won versus the Buccaneers in his 1st game back since his Denver Broncos years back in 2017. He lost versus the Chiefs when he was with the Broncos having a record of 5-11. Simien was a great addition to the quarterback position after they lost Winston. Although they lost last week and the week before against the Titans and the Falcons, they have the chance of winning this Sunday against the Eagles.

Yesterday was the Patriots versus the Falcons in a shutout. The Patriots won 25-0. The game was the destruction of the Falcons, but to be honest, the game was not surprising because of the game they had last week and -the Falcons did not look like they had a chance against anyone, but maybe the Lions, who are 0-8-1. The Patriots had a great game. Hopefully, the Pats have another goo week when they face the Titans, who are one of the teams that are at the top of the league.

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