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(Smarticle) The Tragedy of the Anti-Vaping Ad: Juuls, Teens, and Screaming Muppets

(COVINGTON, La.) — The United States is faced with an epidemic: teenage nicotine consumption. While cigarette use among teens is at an all-time low, vaping has skyrocketed and has become the prevalent form of nicotine consumption among teenagers. In fact, research from the CDC shows that now nearly one in four teens are vaping, indicating […]

Netflix Loses Variety, Should it Lose Your Business?

Netflix, the popular internet video streaming service, has been making changes to its lineup recently. Among the numerous additions and subtractions, many shows originally aired on television have been dropped while the company has added many of its own original productions, which are available exclusively on Netflix. Among the 108 titles removed from streaming in the […]

Seniors: Odds Are, You’ll End Up Back in Louisiana. So, Consider Going to College in Another State

Louisiana possesses the greatest percentage of locally-born residents throughout the United States, revealing that Louisiana is the least regionally-diverse state in the nation. According to a 2012 statistical study performed by The New York Times, 79% of Louisiana residents were born locally in Louisiana, where they have maintained residency all their lives. If possible, students […]

OPINION: Government Must Regulate ISPs — History’s Lesson on Monopolies

Today (Dec. 14), the FCC votes on a repeal of Net Neutrality, a set of regulations for internet service providers (ISPs), the companies that provide internet access to millions of Americans. The regulations prevent ISPs from selectively blocking, slowing or charging higher fees for its services. Many oppose Net Neutrality because its regulations entangle the […]