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Music Festival Mania: Spring and Summer 2018 Preview

Undoubtedly, music festivals are some of the most popular entertainment events throughout the world. While we may be more familiar with the North American Festival giants such as Coachella, Europe is home to even larger music festivals, including Belgium’s “Donauinselfest,” which trumps Coachella with a whopping attendance of around three million annually. As Spring and […]

Netflix Loses Variety, Should it Lose Your Business?

Netflix, the popular internet video streaming service, has been making changes to its lineup recently. Among the numerous additions and subtractions, many shows originally aired on television have been dropped while the company has added many of its own original productions, which are available exclusively on Netflix. Among the 108 titles removed from streaming in the […]

Three Great, Co-Ed Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under Twenty Bucks

Buying gifts is never easy, especially when it comes to Valentines Day. To make matters worse, teenagers are typically not in the financial state to buy diamonds and/or Pelicans tickets. With that being said, here are three great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for under $20. 1) DivinityLA Wildlife Awareness Bracelets These bracelets are some awesome […]

Dixon, Stein Turn ‘Stranger Things’ Upside Down with Synth Soundtrack (Music Review)

When a television show is based in 1984, viewers should expect to be immersed in the culture and vibe of the intended time period through injections of retro clothing, hairstyles, technology, dialect and even music. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are responsible for the award-winning soundtrack of Netflix’s sci-fi success story. Along with the visionaries […]