Bowling Team Back in Action This Fall

The St. Paul’s bowling team is preparing to start up the new season on Sep. 26 at Tiffany Lanes in Mandeville. The school will be the defending champions heading into the upcoming year.

“This year, we are ready to get rolling,” said bowling team member, junior Kenny Ross.

Club moderator Christina Difilippantonio-Jolley and defending champions The Holy Rollin’ Empire posed with their trophies after last year’s victory.

The Holy Rollin’ Empire, an individual group on the team, took home the trophy last year by placing first in both halves of the season. The group consists of William O’Rourke, Kenny Ross, Matthew Spedale, and Grant Grefer. They have high hopes for this year as they look to keep a firm grasp on the title. “We are expecting to win it again this season. I’m adjusting to a new ball and am very optimistic,” said O’Rourke, team member.

Fellow teammate Matthew Spedale had this to say about the upcoming season, “We are still going to try hard, but try not to take it too seriously. We’re mostly just trying to play the game and have fun. We’re also looking forward to our new additions to the bowling team as a whole.”

Christina Difilippantonio-Jolley, the bowling moderator, is expecting this season to be very productive and fun-filled. “I’m happy we were finally able to beat Fontainbleau last year. It’s nice to see many new faces this year. We have many contenders, and I’m eager to see each group’s dominance,” said Difilippantonio-Jolley.

A meeting was held on Thurs., Aug. 23, for preliminary sign-ups.  Anyone interested in joining the bowling team can see Difilippantonio-Jolley in her classroom, room 114, for questions and information. The cost to join is $104, which includes registration, bowling costs, and shoe/ball rental. The team will go head-to-head against each other, Fontainebleau High School, and Northlake Christian.

Members must provide a completed physical form, available in the school’s athletic office,  and required funds prior to the start of the season. The official start will be Sep. 26, and will run through December, with no bowling during holiday breaks. All students are welcomed, with no experience required to join.

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