Eddie Murphy Death Hoax Causes Internet Stir

Eddie Murphy, pictured in his role as an African prince in “Coming to America,” is most certainly NOT dead as reported by Global Associated News.

According to Global Associated News, Eddie Murphy was pronounced dead on Aug. 31 after a freak “ski accident.”According to Forbes, this is a complete hoax and Eddie Murphy is alive and well.

Many other death hoaxes have been announced over the past few weeks including the “deaths” of famous celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, and Charlie Sheen. All of the above are false.

Global Associated News is a news website that appears authentic, but is actually a fake website that allows anyone to type in a celebrity’s name and generate a fake news article about that particular person. If a reader scrolls to the bottom of the webpage, they will see the following words in very small print:

“FAKE… THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE! This is an entertainment website, and this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes!”

In 2010, the founder of the website, Rich Hoover, talked to E! Online about the issue:

“It started off as a practical joke machine seven years ago,” Hoover told E!. “People can just plug in anybody’s name so then they’ll prank their friends. But people don’t read the fine print, and sure enough, it spreads like mad.”

Some people may think that this website should be taken down and that it is not something that should be taken as a joke, but others think differently.

“These celebrity death hoaxes scare me at first, but then I realize they aren’t true. I think that websites such as these should not be banned from the internet because it is freedom of speech,” said St. Paul’s senior, John-Michael Lomzenski.

The website has been up for more than two years and has already become extremely popular. The website has thousands of visits a day and is growing with popularity.  It’s up to the reader to research whether these fake stories are real or not.

(Photo by Bruce McBroom, MPTV)

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