“Study Suppers” Provide Food for the Mind

A group of students take advantage of the opportunity for fellowship and learning at one of this year’s “Study Supper” sessions.

The St. Paul’s Chapter of the National Honor Society has started to offer tutoring and dinner every Thursday from 5-6:30 p.m. in room 205 to help students with extra-curricular activities whose activities won’t allow them to participate in tutoring sessions immediately after school.

Jeaneen Schmitt, who organizes what the school calls “Study Suppers,” said the idea for the tutoring dinner was conceived in the beginning of the last school year by a group of teachers, including herself, Brian Logarbo, Ann Forrester, Lee Pierre, and Mary Pierson.

“As I listened to the stories that were told during the Centennial Celebration of our school, one that resonated with me was when St. Paul’s was a boarding school and the role the prefect served in the dorm,” said Schmitt. “The prefect held study hall for the boarders; he was there after school to assist with homework and to make sure the work was completed. I thought this was a great idea and wondered why we couldn’t offer something similar to our current students.”

Schmitt also noted that many students need help with their school work once they are home, but don’t have the resources.

“I am glad we are the ‘modern-day prefects’ for our students. We decided to make it a dinner since most students would be hungry after all their hard work,” said Schmitt.

The food is provided by the St. Paul’s Mothers Club and includes items like jambalaya, roast beef, lasagna, red beans, and salads.

“Julie Authement and Elizabeth Grashoff of the Mother’s Club have been instrumental in supporting the tutoring sessions,” said Schmitt.

Parker Jaquillard (right) helps tutor Turner Valois (left) in Algebra II during a “Study Supper.”

The tutors of the dinner are members of the National Honor Society, who specialize in all of the subjects. Also, teachers sometimes volunteer their time to help give special tutoring at the sessions. Schmitt says on average there are 20-25 kids who show up to be tutored.

“Study Supper” sessions are 5-6:30 p.m. every Thursday in room 205 of the main school building (Coach Pierre’s room). Students, who intend to go to the tutoring session, can sign up with Ann Forrester in the library. Sign up is required so that enough food can be provided. For more information, email Jeaneen Schmitt at jeaneens@stpauls.com.

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