Ninth Grade, JV, and Varsity Wolves Defeat Mandeville

Cheerleaders Elizabeth Lyon and Megan Whittemore help cheer the Varsity Wolves to victory.

St. Paul’s made a clean sweep, defeating their rival Mandeville High in Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Ninth Grade games last week. The Varsity and Ninth Grade won nail-biters while the Junior Varsity blew out Mandeville’s Junior Varsity team.

The Varsity Wolves won in a dramatic overtime  battle, with a final score of 16-13. The Wolves took a 7-3 lead in the second quarter when Luke Posner returned an interception for a touchdown.

Joel Spansel, Chris Abide, and Ryan Fonseca are on the edge of their seats during the suspenseful finale.

The Wolves extended their lead by three points with a Grant Hebert field goal, but Mandeville scored a touchdown to tie the score at 10. St. Paul’s senior linebacker Ed Duplessis blocked a Mandeville field goal that would have put Mandeville ahead in the final minute of regulation. Mandeville got the ball first in overtime and kicked a field goal. When St. Paul’s got the ball, quarterback Collin D’Angelo threw the game-winning touchdown to senior tight end Ryan Malone.

The Junior Varsity blew out the Junior Varsity Skippers. The Wolves lead 21-0 at halftime and never looked back. Derek Drago ran for two touchdowns in the first half.

The Freshmen won 8-0 over Mandeville’s Freshmen. Brandon Eberts scored the only touchdown of the game on a three yard run with less than a minute to go in the first half.

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