Students’ Dreams To Be Male Cheerleaders Finally Realized

Last week, a group of St. Paul’s seniors and juniors participated in St. Scholastica Academy’s Junior-Senior Volleyball Game as cheerleaders, including halftime dance performances. They had after-school practices for the dance many times leading up to the big event. Dances were performed to a mash-up of songs such as “Gangnam Style” and Kool and The Gang’s classic  “Get Down On It.” On the morning of the game, the SSA Juniors and Seniors arrived at school early to deck out the campus in their class colors: the seniors with green, the juniors with purple. The game was part of SSA’s Spirit Week activities, which included a Homecoming pep rally and the Mock Homecoming Dance on Friday night.

Senior “cheerleaders” were Robert Boudreaux, Connor Mahony, Joel Spansel, Kevin Nelson, Rick Ragan, Ross Ledoux, Brett Pellisier, Logan Trent, Tanner Riche, Chris Dufour, and Chris Abide. (L to R)

The Junior Class also had a group of cheerleaders that included Graham Jordan, Ethan Gunter, Trey Couvillion, Handsome Monica, Daniel Conlin, and Kyle Gardner. (L to R)

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