Point and Counter-Point: MathXL – The Good and the Bad

 MathXL is a computer program that many seniors here at St. Paul’s are required to use in Calculus and Advanced Math II. This program is all online and may be accessed from both the classroom and your home. MathXL causes many students plenty of grief while bringing them many benefits.

. . . . .

Math XL: The Destroyer of Grades

by Tyler Gettys

MathXL is one of the worse programs to ever have been implemented in a classroom. Everything done on it must be exactly correct, down to even the commas and parenthesis. This causes plenty of time to be lost when a correct answer is simply just entered incorrectly. Homework on MathXL is already a lot longer than any homework for any other class. The amount of time it takes to complete the homework is substantial, especially when those 30 questions can have up to eight sections in them. Then, if an answer is incorrect three times, the entire problem changes again. Next, after doing all the homework, only so much of the time matters because the test is worth the majority of the grade. A 100 on homework may only change the average grade by .1%. Overall, MathXL is a big waste of time, and the class should be taught with the teacher assigning and grading quizzes and test.

. . . . .

MathXL: Where Dreams are Realized

by John-Michael Lomzenski

MathXL is a great course to help prepare students for per-requisite college math.  The course in itself can be taken for 3.00 college credit hours from Southeastern Louisiana University.  The course is also very easy to set up a schedule.  Most assignments are posted and due in a week.  Tests and quizzes are set weeks in advance.  This allows students to set schedules and knock out the work in phases.  This is very similar to college.  Also, the quizzes on MathXL can be taken up to ten times.  This makes it virtually impossible to not obtain a 100%.  Also, the computer aspect of the course is user-friendly and makes it easy to learn. This is very helpful in the preparation of college, because almost all college courses have some element of computer learning involved.  Overall, MathXL is a great tool to help prepare college-bound students for the future.

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