Get Out and Vote

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The race for the White House is coming to a close, and it couldn’t be closer. While Obama is the current predicted win over Romney, it is so close, that an upset is not out of the way. Saying this, anyone who is able to vote should take this chance to vote for their candidate of choice. Even those here at St. Paul’s who are unable to vote should still be in the know on where each candidate stands on important issues. If you do not know who to side with, click here for a great resource that can be used to show which candidate most resembles your beliefs. Do not vote or want someone to be elected simply because other people tell you so. A simple Google search can give you all the information you need to decide for yourself. Educate yourself on every issue so that you know what you really want. The Democratic Platform and the Republican Platform can get you started.

To view a sample ballot for your precinct, click here, enter your address, and select the tab for “ballot information.”

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