One-Legged Wrestler Inspires Student Body

Despite having one leg, Anthony Robles became a national champion wrestler.

2011 NCAA individual wrestling champion Anthony Robles visited SPS on Wed. Nov. 7, to give a speech about his life and to answer questions from students.

“It was cool to learn how he overcame his disability to become a national champion,” stated sophomore Warner Moore.

Robles was born with one leg, but other than that, he turned out to be a healthy baby. In his presentation, he noted how he thought he could not become a national champion, but then realized he believed in himself and decided to try. After years of hard work and dedication, Robles became a NCAA individual wrestling champion in 2011.

Sophomore Harrison Gitz shakes Robles’ hand while exiting the SPS gym after the presentation. 

“Unstoppable,” is Robles’ motto. On his journey to becoming a champion, he did not let anything stop him. He noted how he played most sports with no issues, but wrestling was his favorite. He stated at first, he was not the best wrestler, but after practicing very hard, he became an amazing one.

The student body felt that Robles gave an excellent presentation and hopes he will visit SPS sometime again in the future.

(Photos courtesy of Ted Jackson-The Times Picayune.)

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