Deadliest Teacher Gamemakers Rank Tributes

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The week after the Reaping was full of activity for the Tributes. They trained all week long, learning their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. They also learned how to survive in the arena themselves. Training week leads up to the most important event other than going in the arena – the scores. The Head Gamemakers, made up of the school administration and retired brothers community, assess each individual Tribute on their ability to survive in the arena. This is important because the higher the score, the more likely a Tribute is to get sponsors in the arena — wealthy patrons who pay to send items necessary to a Tribute’s survival into the arena. The Gene Bennett Sports Complex acted as the private session facilities. The Tributes entered one by one into the gym.

John Glorioso – Mr. Glorioso entered the training facility and got tired, so he wanted to take a seat. The bleachers were not open, so he pulled all of them open with one enormous burst of strength from his tiny body. This unintentional act of strength impressed the Gamemakers, and he received a score of seven.

Susan Jordan – The Gamemakers watched as Ms. Jordan synthesized an equation in ten seconds to find the angle that a calculator must be thrown at an attacker in order to induce a fatal blow. She received a score of eight.

Christina Difilippantonio–Jolley – Ms. D scaled the walls of the training facility and climbed to the ceiling, showing off her climbing skills. This earned her a score of seven.

Joe Dickens – Coach Dickens displayed his enormous strength by picking up a table and throwing it across the gym. On top of that, he used the power of his voice to speed up the table, completely destroying it. He received a score of ten.

Jim Robertson – Coach Rob made the Gamemakers laugh with his hysterical jokes to the point to which one of their stomachs ruptured. He was given a score of eight.

Amy Shultz-Marshall – Ms. Shultz saw that they were not paying attention to her. She spiked a volleyball straight through the window of the Gamemakers’ office, knocking a nice, tall glass of Pepsi right out of Brother Ken’s hands. She earned a score of nine.

Jason Shroeder – Mr. Shroeder used his skills as an expert tortilla shell thrower to impress the Gamemakers. With one clean throw, he cut down all of the banners hanging in the gym. He earned a score of ten.

Kim George – Ms. George was able to disguise herself as a chair so well that the Gamemakers were not able to tell she was there, and they marked her as a no show. She earned a score of Incomplete.

Paul Scoriels – Coach Scoriels impressed the Gamemakers with his strict view on foreign policy, which he learned from The West Wing. He earned a score of seven.       

Kim Gardner – Ms. Gardner showed her enormous strength by bench-pressing a stack of her American History books. She earned a score of eight.

Come back soon for the official beginning of the first annual Deadliest Teacher Games.

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