Cross Country Wolves: State Runner-Ups

Members of the team collect their 2nd place trophy at the state meet.

Members of the team collect their 2nd place trophy at the state meet.

After many months of vigorous practicing and preparing for the Louisiana State Championship Meet, the Saint Paul’s Cross Country Wolves placed second in state.

“They did a fantastic job,” stated Athletic Director Craig Ketelson. He noted how the team should be incredibly proud of the title they have achieved: State Runner-Ups.

The Cross Country Wolves also won the District 6-5A title. According to Ketelson, the team was led by Zach Albright and other student leaders.

The Running Wolves spent two hours every day after school running endless miles to prepare. The team was very determined to become state champions this year. However, Ketelson noted that the runners should be very proud of claiming the title of State Runner-Ups.

For many months preceding the state championship meet, the team often could be seen running around St. Paul’s campus and the surrounding area intensely practicing for their meets.

Cross Country runners pose in the gym with all of this season's trophies.

Cross Country runners pose in the gym with all of this season’s trophies.

“They are a younger team; it is great that they did this well,” noted Ketelson. He emphasized that the younger runners on the team did exceedingly well, as they will continue to do in future seasons during their careers at St. Paul’s.

According to Ketelson, Cross Country is easy to join. He noted that if a student has any interest in running whatsoever to join the team next year.

In the 2011-2012 school year, the Cross Country Wolves earned the titles of District Champions, Metro Champions, and third in state. The Running Wolves made some improvements, advancing from last year’s third place position to second place this year.

Although the Cross Country season is officially over, running as a sport is not over this school year; track season starts soon.

Ketelson, members of the team, and members throughout the SPS community are very proud of the Cross Country Wolves’ achievements this season and remain optimistic that they could possibly continue improving to become State Champions next season.

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