Swimming Season Ends “Swimmingly”

swim team

Members of the Aquawolves pose for a photo after practice.

The St. Paul’s Aquawolves have finally ended their season after a few months of intense practices and competitions against other schools.

The team finished fifth in state, which is better than they have ever done.

“They are a smaller team, so for them to do this well is great,” noted Athletic Director Craig Ketelson. The Aquawolves have been practicing at Kehoe France School in Covington due to St. Paul’s not having a swimming pool on campus.

2012 district champsKetelson also gave credit to Robert Klazynski and the other senior leaders of the team. He stated that without their help, the team might not have done as well as they did.

SPS’s sister team, The Aquadoves at St. Scholastica Academy, won the state championship this year.

The Aquawolves are greatly anticipating their next season beginning next school year and hope to do as well as they did this year, if not better.

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