Inline Hockey Wolves Primed For Upcoming Season

hockey_wolf_mascot_sculpture_photo_sculpture-p153117347524905889env3d_216COVINGTON, La—The St. Paul’s Inline Hockey Wolves are pumped for their upcoming 2013 season after overcoming years of adversity, including losing their coaches and practice facility.

In the 2000-2001 school year, St. Paul’s dads, John Gordon and Lou Luzynski created the first inline hockey team on the north shore. The first team consisted of 17 players overall from 8th graders all the way to seniors. The first tournament that they ever competed in was the Crescent City Hockey League in Kenner, La. The team came in 5th place in the league that consisted of Rummel, Brother Martin, and two Jesuit teams. John Gordon stopped coaching in 2003-2004, but Coach Lou and Luke Barwick kept the team going.

The team kept pushing and pushing, and in the 2005 season, they were close to being in 1st place on the north shore until Hurricane Katrina hit. After the hurricane, many of the players were unable to join back with the team due to recovery efforts.

In 2006, the Hockey Wolves found a new home at the St. Tammany Hockey Arena, and a new league called the Southeast Louisiana In-Line Hockey Club was born. North shore high schools followed St. Paul’s and created their own teams to compete in the tournaments. The Hockey Wolves also found themselves a new coach in Mike Stevens, and with the help of Coach Lou, they continued to play in tournaments for the next few years.

Fast forward to the upcoming 2013 Inline Hockey Wolves season. The St. Tammany Hockey Arena was bought out by Duke Athletics in early 2012 in order to make a training facility for local athletes. The Hockey Wolves currently do not have a place to practice and will have to find another place to craft their skills.

Despite this new bump in the road, seniors Matt O’Malley and Travis Dugas, along with junior Preston Kennedy and sophomore Lane Sumrall, are very excited for the upcoming hockey season. Hockey superstar, O’Malley, vigorously anticipates the upcoming season.

“I am really looking forward to winning the Lafayette Tournament this year, and hopefully I can score five goals or more this season. We have 13 current members of the team, and I think that we have the right guys in our locker room to succeed,” said O’Malley.

The team has not figured out where they are going to practice this year, but they are confident they will find a new practice facility soon.

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