Mall of Louisiana Riot Rocks Community

Teens wait outside the closed mall for a ride home.

Teens wait outside the closed mall for a ride home. (Photo by Quincy Hodges,

A large scale brawl at the Mall of Louisiana last Friday sent shoppers running as Baton Rouge police scrambled to control the situation. The fight involved nearly two hundred teenagers, according to police and eyewitnesses.

One shopper reported that she was shopping in a Gap clothing store when she saw “hundreds of people running and screaming.” Some shoppers were forced to hide in stores, while others ran in fear to get out of the mall.

Many witnesses said they feared the panic was due to a shooter in the mall, but reports from the police say that no weapons were found on the scene. Police surrounded the building after calls from panicked shoppers reported that a huge fight had broken out in the second floor food court. Col. Lawrence McLeary said the brawl began when two girls started fighting as a crowd gathered. No details have been given about why the fight broke out. The only apparent reason was that teens had assembled for a flash mob that night, according to Baton Rouge police.

Police led juveniles out the mall to wait for parents to pick them up, and more fights broke out while they waited. At least six teens involved in the incident have been arrested according to Baton Rouge police.

“It’s definitely scary,” said one LSU student living on campus in Baton Rouge. “Anytime something like that happens, whether it is a shooting or a fight between a bunch of kids, it definitely makes you think about how safe you are in a public place.”

Police surround the mall. (Source:

Police surround the Mall of Louisiana during the incident. (Photo by Quincy Hodges,

During the ruckus, many took to social media sites like Twitter to report on what was happening from within. Juston Millet, a man who witnessed the carnage at the mall tweeted, “People were running everywhere. It was like a movie, but you were in it. So glad that no one was hurt and that me and my family are safe at home.”

Many feel the craziness of Friday’s event is indicative of the heightened sensitivity to possible gun violence since the recent incidences of the Batman premier in Colorado and the Connecticut school shooting.

One Comment on “Mall of Louisiana Riot Rocks Community”

  1. Brother Tim Coldwell
    January 20, 2013 at 11:49 am #

    Matt, thank you for your post on the Mall of Louisiana incident. I think it was well constructed. However, I think your use of the word “carnage” was inaccurate and could lead to a misunderstanding of the event. Thanks for your commitment to journalistic excellence. Brother Tim



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