Brother Ray Subject of Campus Myths

Does Brother Ray have supernatural powers? Many believe this to be true.
(artistic rendering by Matt Spedale)

Every student at the St. Paul’s School, at some point or another, has heard the campus myths concerning their principal Brother Raymond Bulliard, F.S.C. Allegedly, the man in charge has more to him than the eye can perceive. Students have wondered about some of the things that happen when he is around — and not around.

On campus, four dogs roam the grounds and greet the students that they pass.  However, it has become an understanding that whenever the dogs are around, Brother Ray is not.  This has left the men with the question: Could Brother Ray possibly be taking the forms of these dogs as in Louisiana’s folklore legends of the shape-shifting Loup Garou? If it’s true, for what purpose does he do this?  Perhaps it is to keep a closer eye out on students and faculty with an ingenious disguise.

There’s more to the conspiracy theory than just the shape-shifting myth.  It has also been reported by multiple sources that they could see Brother Ray walking very near to them one second, and then within the moment it takes to blink an eye, he is out of sight. Indubitably, many students have come to believe he’s not only a shape-shifter, but also capable of teleportation.

“I believe it’s true; I’d say his powers are real. He’s a quiet person; it makes sense to me that he may be trying to stay under cover. Either he has super powers, or he is an expert ninja,” said sophomore Keegan Lange.

“I’d say it’s true, I’ve noticed these things myself.  The dogs and the teleportation are real,” said freshman Ethan Molitor.

“It’s fact.  He’s a quiet person, he’s always walking around, etc.  It makes you wonder what he’s up to sometimes. It’s intriguing.  His powers are definitely real,” said sophomore Alex Weiner.

The teleportation myth alone is bizarre, but connections of it to an alternate theory can also be made. Legend has it that St. Paul’s has a network of hidden tunnels below its surface that can be used to move around the school and that these tunnels were once used by boarding students.  The story has also been told that the tunnels once existed, but are closed up. Some say they never existed at all. But it allows for an alternate theory that Brother Ray’s believed teleportation skills could actually be the result of putting a mysterious tunnel system to use when students aren’t aware.

When asked about the various myths, Brother Ray replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny this information.”

The mystery remains unsolved. Does Brother Ray indeed possess special powers? Does or did an underground tunnel system exist? The student body remains watchful.


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