Let The Games Begin

DTG Chapter ImageThe day had finally come — the opening of the 1st Annual Deadliest Teacher Games. The tributes were awoken early in the morning and transported from their living quarters at the Retired Brothers Residence to the holding facility located under Hunter Stadium via Coach Ketelsen’s golf cart. There, they were prepped for their entrance into the arena. The arena’s boundaries included all of St. Paul’s Campus. The tributes each had their own platform that rose onto the field of Hunter Stadium, surrounding the cornucopia. The cornucopia was a 15-foot high statue of Brother Ray draped with items that could help the tributes during the games. Whether it be food, clothing, or weapons, it was all for the taking.

There was one minute left till the beginning of the games. Coach Rob stood still on his circular platform, waiting to be lifted into the arena. He thought how amazing he must look after his full makeover for the games. He thought to himself, “This is gunna be easy. I sit home and wrassle gators and steer all the time.” The platform started rising. “Oh, this is like one of them fancy escalator things!” thought Coach Rob. Suddenly, he rose into the arena and was blinded by the sun. It took him awhile to make out the other tributes and the huge statue of Brother Ray. “Don’t mess with the bulldog,” thought Coach Rob as he stared down his competition.

The chapel bells rung, and the games began. Coach Rob, Coach Scoriels, Mrs. Shultz, Ms. George, Ms. D, and Ms. Jordan all sprinted towards the treasures surrounding Brother Ray’s statue. Just as they were all about to reach what they wanted, Coach Dickens let out an earth-shattering scream that caused a massive fissure to open up right before the statue. Ms. Jordan was unable to slow herself down, due to the massive amount of inertia created because she was carrying math textbooks as weapons. She fell straight into the crack, ending her chances of being crowned the victor. Coach Dickens, being on the opposite side of the fissure, made away with almost all of the supplies. There were boxes of Zaps from Sarge, St. Paul’s blankets and outerwear from the Mother’s Club, and all kinds of school supplies that had been fashioned into weapons. Coach Dickens fled with all of this, and the others just sat there and watched.

This was until they realized that they were enemies. At that point, they all turned and ran in separate directions. As they began to run, Ms. D tripped over Ms. George’s body, who had apparently been killed by Coach Dicken’s scream. When she fell, Ms. D suffered from a horrible case of turf burn on her leg, and she was stuck there for the night.

Every tribute ran their separate ways and tried to find a safe place for the night. Mr. Glorioso, Mr. Schroeder, and Ms. Gardner all had skipped the cornucopia and immediately went to find somewhere to hide. Mr. Glorioso climbed up the oak tree in Founder’s circle and tied himself to a branch for the night. Mr. Schroeder took refuge in the old art room building, and Ms. Gardner concealed herself in the drainage system. The four that actually made it away from the cornucopia also found somewhere to stay for the night. Mrs. Shultz broke into the theater and set up camp there. Coach Scoriels hid out in one of the school buses, and Coach Rob fashioned a snorkel out of plants and floated in the pond all night. Coach Dickens broke into the library and made a barricade of shelves to protect his stash of supplies.

Suddenly, they were all startled by two bongs of the chapel bells, which indicated two tributes had been killed that day. They all nervously waited to see what tribulations the next day would bring.


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