Marian Players to Perform Vibrant Modern Musical

In the Heights BannerThe St. Paul’s School Marian Players will perform, for the first time ever, their rendition of the Broadway musical, “In the Heights,” at the school’s Alumni Memorial Theatre beginning March 13.

“In the Heights” tells the story of a vibrant Hispanic community in Washington Heights of New York. The community is on the verge of change, full of hopes, pressures, dreams, and more…where the greatest hardship could be deciding which traditions to take with you, and which ones you leave behind.

Play director Denny Charbonnet has been working on getting the rights to perform the play since seeing it on Broadway with a group of St. Paul’s students in 2009. “It was very exciting and engaging. It was just a matter of waiting to get a license to perform it ourselves,” said Charbonnet.

Charbonnet also believes that the play’s exposition and message will set this one apart from other shows that the Marian Players have put on over the years. “It’s set in modern times. Generations of today will be able to connect very easily to the struggles and decisions that these young people have to think about,” she said.

“The young men and women in the play are a strong community that support each other. The student body of St. Paul’s can make a connection of relationship with the characters in the play,” continued Charbonnet.

Usnavi (Jonathan Demare) seranades the daydreaming Vanessa (Sarah Seghers)

Usnavi (Jonathan Demare) serenades the daydreaming Vanessa (Sarah Seghers).

The story centers around shop-owner and narrator, Usnavi, played by Jonathan Damare, and Usnavi’s friends and family played by Trey Couvillion as Sonny, Michael Stewart as Benny, Connor Mahoney as Kevin, Josh Nunez as Graffiti Pete, Lyle Manion as Piragua Guy, Caroline Marcello as Nina, Sarah Seghers as Vanessa, Katherine Carey as Camilla, Clare Seghers as Daniela, Molly MacKenzie as Carla, and Tori Vercher as Abuela Claudia.

Supporting cast includes Bryan Livaudais as Jose, Mason Spong as Marco, Ross Allbritton as Ricardo, Samantha Brown as Sabrina, David Conroy as Dario, Ian Conroy as Ignacio, Thomas Huval as Tulio, Caitlin Smith as Cecilia, Grace Grundmann as Graciana, Gerard Gianoli as Gambino, Jack Donham as Juan, Christian Dougherty as Cristoval, Bobby Bayer as Roberto, Sam Giberga as Sancho, Patrick Rudiger as Pasquel, Kyle Shiell as Kemen, Sam Nuss as Sol, Dustin Simoneaux as Duarte, Ben Kenney as Basilio, Mitch Richard as Miguel, Emily Ruli as Esparanza, Daly Andrus as Dalia, Rebecca Richard as Regina, Rachel Rovira as Raquel, Grace Dumdau as Guadalupe, Laura Montreuil as Liana, Maggie Marcello as Malvina, Elise Frost as Emanuela, Madison Hays as Magdalena, Catherine McWilliams as Cristal, Kate Rovira as Catalina, Jacqueline Doucet as Juliana, Madeline Doucet as Marta, Lily Huval as Liliana, Amelia Hoffeld as Analia, Elizabeth Hummel as Luana, Alyssa Azuara as Amanda, and Alicia Rossano as Angelica.

Benny (Michael Stewart), Usnavi (Jonathan Demare), and Sonny (Trey Couvillion) dream about what they'd do if they won the lottery.

Benny (Michael Stewart), Usnavi (Jonathan Demare), and Sonny (Trey Couvillion) dream about what they’d do if they won the lottery.

Director Denny Charbonnet is aided by Barrett Baumgartner as assistant director, James Killeen as musical director, Shawn Patterson as vocal coach, Elise Angelette as costume designer and choreograhy, Janet McRae on makeup and ticket sales, Thomas Duet as stage manager, Michael McCarty as assistant stage manager, Colin Albert on sound, Ellen Lipkos on lighting design, Sam Moore on light board, Christopher Damare and Trent Pouey as follow spot operators, Shellie Falkenstein for make up, Barry Auxilien for publicity, Christi Simoneaux for poster design, Dani McNeill as hip hop choreographer, Jimmilyn Manion and Lisa Nunez as parent coordinaters, Trisha Stewart and Marcy Donham for food for cast, Beth Allbritton and Angela Rovira for Preview Night, Mary Duet for tickets, and Scott Scheuermann for the program.

Performances will be held on March 13, 14, 16, and 20 thru 23 at 7:00 p.m, with matinee performances on March 17 and 24 at 2:00 p.m.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and can be purchased at the St. Paul’s School administration office, (985) 892-3200 ext. 1000, or at Braswell Drugs on Tyler St. in Covington, (985) 892-0818.

“In the Heights” was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and is adapted from the book by Quiara Algeria Hudes. Music and lyrics are also by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This production is presented with special permission by R & H Theatricals.


For an in-depth look inside the upcoming Marian Players production, read “Marian Players to Soar to New ‘Heights’ “ by Connor Mahony.

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