Don Hertzfeldt: Volume Two — A Really Nice Buy

Scenes from the trilogy on the Volume Two DVD.

Scenes from the trilogy on the Volume Two DVD.

Have you ever thought it possible to laugh hard at an odd joke while feeling the need to cry?  What about feeling those emotions for a stick-figure character?  Well, that’s just the kind of thing you can expect if you purchase “Don Hertzfeldt: Volume Two.”

This DVD comes packed with animations and an hour-long interview with award-winning writer, animator, and producer, Don Hertzfeldt.

Screenshot of Bill from "Everything Will Be OK."

Screenshot of Bill from “Everything Will Be OK.”

The main content on the DVD is a trilogy that tells us the story of the main character, Bill. Each part is about 17-20 minutes long, but they run together to create an hour-long movie. The individual segments are entitled, “Everything Will Be OK,” “I Am So Proud of You,” and lastly, “It’s Such A Beautiful Day.”

Bill’s life is simple, but his inner battles are very complex.

From his early childhood, Bill’s life has been quite the interesting struggle. We learn about his family and their history. The story takes us through the problems Bill is having health-wise and what he thinks about with each experience. The attention to detail is very captivating and draws the viewer in more and more. Bill’s thoughts and memories are enough to make you break down emotionally or laugh harder then you could ever imagine. The creative genius of the writing also makes the viewer think back about experiences in his/her own life that would help them feel empathy for Bill.

The unique sense of humor, amazing writing, and nicely composed animation is what drew me into this DVD.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of alternative comedy or stick figures, or is a Hertzfeldt fan in general. You can buy the DVD on Hertzfeldt’s website,

Even though Volume One is filled with golden material as well, overall, Volume Two is one of the best works I’ve seen of his. The fact that it’s only an hour long has no effect on its value. If you’re ready to feel, go buy “Don Hertzfeldt: Volume Two” today.

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