Action! Guerrilla Wolves, Take Two

Guerrilla Wolves

The Guerilla Wolves are shown here recording an episode of “Wolf News.”
Episodes air every Friday on Wolf TV at the start of the school day.

St. Paul’s School filming and video club, the Guerrilla Wolves, was formed five years ago by moderator Brad Guillory, who took its name from “guerrilla filming” — an independent filming style characterized by low-budget, on-the-spot acting, and simple props and scenery.

“When I came here, I wanted to make a filming club,” said Guillory. “I told the guys that we had to do some guerrilla filming due to our low budget. Eventually, the name caught on, and we decided to name the club Guerrilla Wolves.”

“When we first started Guerrilla Wolves, the students at the time really got into it and had a huge creative pulse that helped get the club to where it is today,” said Guillory. “They came up with a lot of ideas and even started some of our signature skits, such as the Halloween haunted house visit and word of the day.” Some other well-known Guerrilla Wolves skits include Cooking with Sean and the Grab N Go song.

Guillory would like to move the club towards serious documentary-type filming, while retaining the funny, traditional skits and news reporting that the club is known for.

“The club can definitely be improved,” said Guillory. “We want to keep trying new things and see where it goes. I would suggest to anybody who wants to learn how to edit, shoot, write scripts, operate filming equipment, or do anything along those lines to come and try out the club. We need idea guys and people who want to work the equipment. We can only get better and improve on what we have done already.”

“Animation is also something we want to get into,” Guillory said. “If any of you animators out there are interested in joining, come by and we’ll figure something out.”

The Guerrilla Wolves meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Anyone interested can contact Guillory at or meet him in room 104 in the main school building.Guerrilla Wolves

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