The 2012-2013 All Guts No Glory team

The All Guts No Glory team is my team of under-appreciated players that do the dirty work and hustle plays with not much praise. Every team needs a player like this. These players tend to play hard defense, set great screens, block out on rebounds, and go for every loose ball with relentless will. The 2012-2013 All Guts No Glory roster is as follows:



 Reggie Evans – Power Forward/Brooklyn Nets

Reggie Evans is the epitome of a hustle player. He is nasty in his basketball game, and he plays tough and often illegal defense. He is a monster on the boards. He is also an intimidator and hacker to anybody who dares to go in the lane for a layup or dunk.  Evans lacks basketball skill and athleticism, but he makes it up with pure tenacity, nastiness, and extreme dedication to his team and the game.

Shane Battier – Small Forward/ Miami Heat

Shane Battier is probably the most likeable player in the NBA. He is respectful to his opponents, plays fair and hard, and is also very humble on and off the court. He is probably the most likely NBA player to have a successful career in politics (Battier for prez 2020!!!!). He is a leader on the Miami Heat because of his play on the court. He makes his three-point shots, he is great at ball movement on the perimeter, and most importantly, he plays defense on the opposing team’s power forward. Battier is often vastly undersized for his defensive matchups. However, he makes up for size with his intelligence and will. This sacrifice allows the Heat to play their dominant small-ball lineup.

Joakim Noah – Center/Chicago Bulls

Noah has been awarded for his play this year with an all-star nomination. Noah absolutely is tenacious on defense. He is the anchor on the league’s best defense. He rotates perfectly, he contests, blocks, and steals shots, and he is one of the best defensive rebounders in the league. Noah also crashes the offensive glass, sets hard picks, rolls hard to the basket, and facilitates for his teammates at the elbow. Noah is a key contributor to the Bull’s offense without many plays being called for him.

Eric Bledsoe – Point Guard/Los Angeles Clippers

Bledsoe is a dynamic scorer and passer off the bench for the Clippers. Bledsoe is great because of his freakish athleticism and his insane hustle. He has become more efficient this year because of better passing, better shooting, and most importantly more minutes from Vinny Del Negro. Also, Bledsoe is an elite defender already at this young point of his career. He leads the NBA in steals per 36 minutes according to I hope he continues to garner more minutes.  A lineup with Chris Paul at point guard and Bledsoe playing off the ball at shooting guard would be a nightmare for opposing teams.

Manu Ginobli – Shooting Guard/San Antonio Spurs

Ginobli has been a perennial all-star for the All Guts No Glory team. Ginobli is revered because of his craftiness and efficiency in scoring and creating for his team. He has lost much of his athleticism (there wasn’t much to begin with) over the past four or five seasons. However, he has changed some of his game with crafty footwork when he drives in the paint. Ginobli also compensates for his lack of athleticism with the same ingenuity on the defensive side. He is always a leader in drawing charges. His footwork when guarding on ball is immaculate. I would also like to announce that Ginobli is the first (and probably last) inductee in my All Guts No Glory NBA Hall of Fame.

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