St. Paul’s Science Wolves Earn Recognition at State Level

State level winners from left to right: Michael Sitarz, Kenny Ross, Jack Lynch, Bobby Bayer and Jacob LaBlanc.

State level winners from left to right: Michael Sitarz, Kenny Ross,
Jack Lynch, Bobby Bayer and Jacob LeBlanc.

The St. Paul’s Science Wolves once again attained success at the state level in the Louisiana State University Science Fair this year, with eight students qualifying for the state competition and one student qualifying for the international competition.

According to Biology Teacher John Carambat, this year’s science fair run was one of the best in recent years.

On Tuesday, Mar. 26, St. Paul’s 8th grader Jacob LeBlanc participated in the LSU Junior Division State Science Fair in Baton Rouge. In the category of Environmental Sciences, Jacob won 1st place, which qualifies him for the International Science Fair in Phoenix, Ariz.

The following day, St. Paul’s seniors Bobby Bayer, Jack Lynch, and Michael Sitarz; juniors Jacob McWilliams, Kenny Ross, and Nick Sibley; and freshman Aaron Nguyen participated in the LSU Senior Division State Science Fair. In the category of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Bobby Bayer and Jack Lynch won 3rd Place and special awards from the Louisiana Science Teachers Association and the U.S. Air Force. Other winners included Kenny Ross, who won 4th Place in Microbiology, and Michael Sitarz, who won a special award from the U.S. Army for his project in the category of Physics and Astronomy.

In an attempt to qualify for the state competition, a number of Science Wolves participated in the regional science fair held at South Eastern Louisiana University on Friday, Feb. 7, with a number of St. Paul’s students taking honors. Those placing at the regional level were as follows:

1st Place Winners

Jacob LeBlanc

Bobby Bayer and Jack Lynch

Aaron Nguyen

Michael Sitarz

Kenny Ross

2nd Place Winners

Nick Sibley and Jacob McWilliams

Grant Landwehr

Leland VanDeventer (Received special award from the Navy)

3rd Place and Honorable Mention Winners

Ethan Rodriguez

Alex Oliveri

Jack Stanton

George Cazenavette


Following were the results of the school level science fair, held in the main school building during early January:


Class 2 – Behavioral & Social Sciences

1st – Ashton Young

2nd – Jordan Wyble

3rd – Eddie Heap

Class 3 – Biochemistry

1st – Yehya El Kersh- “Hold the DNA”

2nd – Brandon Murphy – “Taste vs smell”

Class 7 – Earth Science

1st – Ian Freid – “Soil and sinkholes”

Class 8 – Energy & Transportation

1st – Sam Kenney – “Fuel efficiency”

Class 9 – Engineering

1st Chris Dufour – “Which bridge design supports the most weight?”

2nd Will Murphy – “Which clothing material insulates best?”

3rd Brennan Jenkins – “Crosswind Advisory”

HM Nico Arcun – Which helmet is safer?”

Class 10 – Environmental Management/Sciences

1st Jacob Leblanc – “Swimming in Acid”

2nd Carter Jarrell – Dish soaps and plant life”

3rd Alex Duet – “What brand of fertilizer?”

Class 12 – Medicine & Health Sciences

1st Jared Saltaformaggio – Effect of Cinnamon on type 2 diabetes”

2nd Tobin Capps – Does color make blood pressure rise?”

3rd Garrett Boyce – “Handful of germs”

HM Rhett McLaughlin and Peyton McNeil – “A balanced pH diet”

Class 14 – Physics & Astronomy

1st Trey Hughes – Temperature and magnets”

2nd Robert Baricev – “Height and lacrosse shot”

Class 15 – Plant Sciences

1st- Al Satches

2nd – Alex Olivieri

3rd – Nick Chifici


SENIOR DIVISION (Grades 9 – 12)

Class 18 – Behavioral & Social Sciences

1st Bobby Bayer and Jack Lynch – “Brain Waves”

2nd Brett Feringa – “Age effect on reaction time”

3rd August Dixon – “Memory and retention”

Class 19 – Biochemistry

1st Zach Kerth – “Algae and oil”

HM Matt Wallace – “Exercise and sugar levels”

Class 21 – Chemistry

1st Aaron Ngyun – “Electrolysis”

2nd Matthew Baldone – “Supercooled Water”

HM Connor Rees – “Colored flame”

Class 24 – Energy & Transportation

1st Sibley and McWilliams – “The electric bike”

Class 25– Engineering

1st – Grant Landwehr – “Can you hear me now?”

2nd – Stephan Dolan – “Aqua Quad”

3rd – Josh Nunez – “Hovercraft”

HM – Kyle Schimf – “Hovercraft”

Class 26- Environmental Management/Sciences

1st Ross Albritton – “Carpooling Crew”

2nd Benjamin Dantin – “EMF – Is your house killing you?”

3rd Jacob Authement – “Formaldehyde Filter”

HM William Saucier – “Radiant Barrier”

HM Cameron Warner – “Community Garden”

Class 27- Mathematical Sciences

1st George Cazenavette – “I’m sorry Dave”

Class 28 – Medicine & Health Sciences

1st Jack Statton – “Blood sugar blast”

2nd Chase Cochran – “Dry needling vs stretching”

3rd David Engelhart and Daniel Garraway – “Physically Fit”

HM David Vanbodungen – “Play your pain away”

Class 29 – Microbiology

1st Leland VanDeventer – “Antibiotics and Staph”

2nd Kenny Ross – “Magnets and Bacteria”

3rd Parker Rice – “UV light and bacteria”

Class 30 – Physics & Astronomy

1st Michael Sitarz – “Electricity under pressure”

2nd Walden Perry – “PVC tunes”

3rd Raymond Stratton – “Tesla Coil”

HM Patrick Stewart – “Plastic Bag seal”

Class 31- Plant Sciences

1st Ethan Rodriguez – “Hydroponic Cloning of plants”

2nd James Pagnutti – “Dominant colors in plants”

3rd Samuel Giberga “Veggies of voltage”

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