30th Annual Wolf Jam Ready to Rock the BAC

wolfjam poster1St. Paul’s Lasallian Youth Leaders will be hosting the annual Wolf Jam battle of the bands this Friday, May 10, in the remodeled Briggs Assembly Center. Proceeds benefit San Miguel High School in Tucson, Ariz.

“The musical talent this year should great,” said organizer Bobby Bayer “It will be different because there are no big name bands that everyone at school has heard of, which means everyone will get to experience something new.”

Bands participating in the event include Remedy, President of the Park, The Fiasco, A Rose for Emily, A Working Progress, Who vs. Whom, Realogy, and the SPS Jazz Wolves.

“Some of the most talented musicians in school will be participating in the event; even the faculty will be playing in some of the bands. Mr. Moran and Mr. Guillory are in Who vs. Whom, and Mr. Baumgartner of A Working Progress. Faculty special guests might be performing as well,” said Bayer.

This year’s Wolf Jam should be different from recent years due to various reasons. The state-of-the-art sound system in the newly renovated Briggs Assembly Center will be used for the show. The show will also feature an eighth grade band, which is unusual for Wolf Jam.

The Remedy will be one of the many new bands making their Wolf Jam debut.

The Remedy will be one of the many new bands making their Wolf Jam debut.

“The band Remedy is an eighth grade band that has played in French Quarter Fest, the Zydeco Blues & Brews Bash, and the NOLA Global Youth Fest,” explains Bayer. “They’re the first eighth grade band that I think has ever played in Wolf Jam — at least for the years I’ve seen it.”

Wolf Jam first began in 1983 as a fundraiser for the prom, and has been a highly anticipated annual event ever since. The 30th anniversary event promises to rock the campus.

“I really think that this year’s group is one of the most talented we have had in a long time, and it’s sure to be a great show,” said Bayer.

The funds generated will benefit San Miguel High School in Tucson, Ariz., a Lasallian school whose student population consists of underserved families, 42% of which earn less than $25,000 a year. Students take a full course load, along with an internship with a corporation that pays 60% of their tuition.

Pre-sale tickets to the event are $5 and can be purchased by students in Mrs. Wiggin’s classroom. Event-day tickets will be $7 at the door. LYL members will be at the event, selling jambalaya and snacks, such as chips and candy, along with sodas and water.

Visit the Wolf Jam Facebook Event page for more information.

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