SPS Students Achieve Academic Acclaim at State Literary Rally


Winners of the State Literary Rally (Top row from left: August Dixon, Mitch St. Pierre, Matthew Spedale, Ryan Meraux and Greg Roy; bottom row from left: John Michael Lomzinski, Aaron Nguyen, Jack Dubreuil, Jacob Broussard and Bobby Bayer).

St. Paul’s students gained academic acclaim at the State Literary Rally at LSU on April 20. The Wolves competed against students from around the state in varying English, social studies, math and science subjects. When the pencil shavings were cleared and the dust had settled, all the Wolves who had participated gained a top spot in their respective subjects in Division II, with Mitch St. Pierre winning overall in Advanced Math: Functions and Statistics. Below are the results for the competition.

  • Mitch St. Pierre: 1st Place Overall Advanced Math: Functions and Statistics
  • August Dixon: 4th Place Advanced Math: Pre-Calculus
  • Aaron Nguyen: 1st Place Algebra II
  • Bobby Bayer: 2nd Place Calculus
  • John Michael Lomzinski: 3rd Place Civics
  • Jacob Broussard: 2nd Place English I
  • Jack Dubreuil: 4th Place English II
  • Ryan Meraux: 1st Place Geometry
  • Matthew Spedale: 3rd Place Journalism
  • Greg Roy: 2nd Place Physical Science
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