Cross Country Team Sets Focus On Promising New Season

The 2012 cross country runners posing with their state runner up trophy. (Photo from

As the school year starts, a group of committed athletes practice every day after school. This group does not want fame or recognition. They don’t have the most fans or student support. They simply want to win. This group is the Cross Country team, and they are very familiar with winning. The running wolves have won the last 4 district titles, a 3rd place finish in the 2011 season, and a state runner-up title last year.

“They’re pretty excited since they returned most of the people on the team,” said Myrle Wiggins assistant coach of the Cross Country team. “With a returning team, they have a good chance of being in the top two at state again.”

The running wolves are more than ready to capture the state title that has alluded them for the past few years. Headed off by seniors Zachary Albright, Kramer Jackson, Don Lipani, and Michael Burke, the team has a lot of experience with high level competition.

“The goals for this year are the same as they are every year, that everyone on the team does a PR [personal record] every time they run, that every week they do better,” says Wiggins.

But PR’s aren’t the only thing that the wolves need to top themselves this season. Wiggin’s says that health and stamina are a few other key components to a successful year and a state championship.

“They do a lot of distance work in the summer to build up their stamina. And then when they get into this time of the year, they’ll start doing speed work,” Wiggins adds.

But after all the hard work, practice, and dedication, luck is also a key factor in the end, especially when it comes to the state meet.

“As long as we stay healthy and that we don’t have any unfortunate mishaps,” Wiggins adds.

The first meet is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 7, which is sure to be the start of another promising season.


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