Terrible Twitter Tantrums Taking Toll

Of Twitter's over 500 million users, only about 200 million are active accounts.

Of Twitter’s over 500 million users, only about 200 million are active accounts.
(Image from Twitter.com)

Twitter, without a doubt, is the largest growing social media of today. With Facebooking dying off with the younger generation and Instagram not really cutting it anymore, many teens are flooding onto Twitter to pour out anger and sadness that no one wants to hear about. Twitter now has more than 500 million users according to expandedramblings.com. Although in the mere shadows of Facebook at over 1.15 billion users, Twitter is coming up in a big way; and I hate it.

The setup of Twitter is made to provoke users to post, or “tweet,” multiple times a day, which is one of the many things that makes it a disaster of a social media site. Being able to post 10, 20, 30 or more times a day is a reason why 99% of tweets are comprised of whining teenagers and people gossiping through “sub-tweeting.” We don’t need to read what you are doing every second of every day, or how great/awful your life is. Go actually talk to a person!

Now, I will have to say that I did have a Twitter account at one point; I did, indeed, fall into the trap. I was forced by my girlfriend, who said, “It’s fun, everyone has one.” I soon realized why I had waited so long to not join the gossip-ridden, trash-filled site that is Twitter. After using it for no longer than a month and posting only 30 tweets, I stopped logging onto my account completely.

Now, I am not totally bashing the entirety of the social media site; some elements of it are good. It provides a quick way to share and receive information from multiple sources at a time. However, the good of Twitter is overwhelmingly outweighed by the bad. Aside from the information from sports teams, celebrities, and a few humorous Twitter pages here and there, Twitter is overrun by “outspoken” teenagers. And, I say outspoken reluctantly because they are only outspoken over the internet and not in real life where it matters. Young people are so quick to respond and judge over tweets, but when it comes to real life, they are shy and timid. Hiding behind a computer screen gives these hopeless teens a sense of “power” that they so lust for.

One would be amazed to see the amount of young people that state their opinion about a certain current event or person. One would be even more amazed to see the lack of IQ most of these people demonstrate with their tweets. And while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you can’t have at least a fourth grader’s understanding about the topic you’re presented as a high school or college student, you should not own a computer or cell phone, much less use it to blast your lack of knowledge to the world.

In addition, the power of hiding behind the computer screen gives “outspoken” teens the opportunity to wreak gossip havoc. No longer does it take one or two days for rumors to spread around a school or multiple schools. Now, it takes a matter of maybe five or ten minutes. Even worse than just simply gossiping around the site, the infamous Twitter fights are nothing short of the cyber version of meeting in the gravel pit at 3:05 p.m. With people fully lashing out at each other with their thoughts, opinions, and whatever other emotional nonsense they’ve been holding in (because they don’t know how to confront an actual human), witnessing a Twitter fight can initially seem to be quite an entertaining experience.

But after witnessing these arguments day after day, with both lack of vocabulary and demonstrable IQ, it angered me. Is this really my generation? Are these people actually going to be running this country in the future?  This unrelenting frustration is what drove me to abandon the “Twittersphere.” All the gossip, drama, and pure immaturity made my blood boil. Why would I want to add all of this ridiculous stress on top of what I have to deal with in my own life? I really do not understand how people find Twitter enjoyable.

But for those of you who insist on continuing to tweet, it’s time to take a step back and look at what you’re posting. Do you really mean what you are saying? Are you really that unintelligent? Is that really the type of person you are? Don’t be ignorant; stop posting that stuff on Twitter. No one really cares, anyway.

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