Pre-Freshmen Win Food Drive Competition by Landslide

In the month of September, St. Paul’s School held a food drive like no other food drive SPS had ever seen.

To start with, SPS food drives typically benefit the Covington Food Bank. However, the food for this drive was collected for the Samaritan Center, a local organization supported by 20 area churches of various faiths that supplies food, money, gas, clothes, school supplies, and personal hygiene items to victims of natural disasters, single mothers, families without a breadwinner, and people unable to work due to injuries. The Samaritan Center serves those in need from both the local and neighboring communities. According to volunteers, literally anyone who shows up in need will be assisted in some way.

A small amount of the over 1000 food items are pictured here.

A small amount of the over 1000 food items donated.

What also made this food drive different from the others is that it was made into a competition. Each grade level competed against one another to bring in the most food items. The prize of a “smoothie day” would be awarded to whichever grade level was most generous.

SPS students managed to bring in over 1,000 food items by the end of the food drive, with the pre-freshmen class coming out on top, winning by a landslide with over 800 items donated. However, the pre-freshmen did something that nobody at SPS could imagine: they gave the money for their smoothie day to the Samaritan Center, too.

“It felt good being able to help out families in need. I was surprised to hear that our grade won the contest, and when we were asked to vote whether or not to donate the money for our smoothies, I was happy to see where the money went,” stated SPS pre-freshman, Colin Quinlan.

“I think it is good we do it, but we should do it more often because they are always running low and hardly ever have enough cans,” noted SPS junior, Chris Rogers.

“Even though a smoothie day would have been pretty cool, it feels really good to help out. Plus, we can all just buy our own smoothies whenever we want. Even if we didn’t win the food drive, I would have felt really good because I donated food,” said SPS pre-freshman, Ashton Durham.

The annual Thanksgiving food drive benefiting the Covington Food Bank will be held in the month of November. The Food Bank serves the needs of vulnerable residents of Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, and Washington Parishes. Students will be encouraged to donate as much food as possible to this food drive in an attempt to top last year’s record breaking donations.

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