Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix (Part 2)

When Deadliest Teacher last left off, the teachers had all awoken from a deep slumber, only to find themselves inside the St. Paul’s matrix system. After a brief set of announcements from Coach Sears, the teachers began to prepare for battle.

Within an hour, all the teachers had taken refuge in different locations on the SPS campus. Classrooms, rooftops, the cafeteria, offices, the Gene Bennett Sports Complex, the Briggs Assembly Center, Hunter Stadium, the Alumni Memorial Theatre, and even the underground tunnels were soon transformed into war-zones.

MidkiffThough each of the seventeen teachers was hard at work preparing for battle, the campus appeared deserted. All the teachers knew not to go out into the open, except for Mr. Midkiff. Having never been in any sort of combat before, he was expecting and, in fact, was still waiting for some sort of referee to begin the game. However, Mr. Midkiff was now part of anything but a game.

As Mr. Midkiff walked towards the drink machines near the Wolf Dome, Mrs. LaGraize hopped out from a nearby bush and, in an attempt to sneak up on Mr. Midkiff, tripped over her own foot and suffered a fatal digital fall, eliminating herself from the competition, and dooming herself to lunch duty with pre-freshmen: the rowdiest and most hyper of all SPS students.

Without even knowing how close he had come to a virtual death, Mr. Midkiff accidentally pressed the “SELF DESTRUCT” button instead of the “Strawberry Dragon-Fruit” button on the drink machine and went out with a bang, likewise dooming himself to perpetual pre-freshman lunch duty assignment with Mrs. LaGraize.

Though snacks had betrayed Mr. Midkiff, they were doing just the opposite for Coach Pierre, who was hiding deep within the depths of what used to be the lair of Sarge. Coach had enough delicious treats to survive a fortnight, and he had no intentions of letting any of them go to waste. But, little did Coach Pierre know that he was not the only coach with an appetite…another coach was approaching the lair, hungry for both delicious treats and blood…

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