Students Becoming More Comfortable with Dress Uniform

Students posing in their dress uniform shirts and ties.

A group of students pose in their dress uniform shirts and ties.
(photo from

The St. Paul’s dress uniform has been in effect for more than a year now. Consisting of a long-sleeved, button-down, white shirt, official SPS tie, khaki pants, and dress shoes, the St. Paul’s dress uniform is designated for special events, such as school Masses and other important events around campus.

Now that the students have had a little more than a year to fully digest the dress uniform experience, they have mixed feelings about the look.

“At first, I was a little annoyed,” junior Eric Guin said. “The idea of dressing up for a school Mass seemed tedious and unnecessary.”

However, the origination of the dress uniform was not a foreign idea. Assistant Principal Trevor Watkins explained that the idea came from existing clubs and sports with a very similar concept.

“Many clubs have to dress the same way on occasions already. For example, the foreign language club and many kids in athletics are required to dress up for special events,” Watkins said to The Paper Wolf last year.

Part of the initial problem with the dress uniforms was actually remembering to wear it on the designated special days.

“I don’t think they did a great job reminding us about dressing up. They would only give us a day notice, or less than that,” junior Josh Nunez said.

Now that the system has improved, ample notice is given to the students for the special dress days. An e-mail was sent out last Thursday night from Watkins reminding students of the dress uniform day for Mass.

“Getting an e-mail definitely helps,” Nunez added. “It’s easy to forget when it’s announced at the end of the day, but receiving the email is a great reminder.”

As the year passed and school Masses occurred over and over again, students became more accustomed to the dressy look.

“Now, it’s just part of the routine,” said Guin, who also admitted that the dress uniform is “not too shabby.”

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