Students Showcase School Spirit with Dress Down Days

Last week, St. Paul’s School celebrated Homecoming Spirit Week on campus by “dressing down” according to a different theme each day. The annual tradition creates a festive atmosphere and offers students a break from the traditional blue and khaki uniform.

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The week kicked off with “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” (also dubbed as Pink Day), during which students were encouraged to wear pink clothing to raise awareness and show support for people with breast cancer. Students were seen wearing a variety of pink clothing, even pink hats and watches.

Tuesday was “Twin Day,” where students wore matching outfits. With outfits ranging from bacon costumes to suits and ties, students showed off their creativity and school spirit. Some larger groups combined efforts as triplets or even sextuplets.

Wednesday was “College Day.” Though students were instructed to only wear a shirt for their college of choice, some wore entire outfits ranging from college-logo pajamas to football jerseys. As a college preparatory school where nearly 100% of students go on to college after graduation, this gave students an opportunity to showcase where they see themselves in a few years.

Thursday was “Thrift-Shop Thursday,” during which students wore clothing theoretically purchased from a thrift shop and ranging from tattered t-shirts to radical 90’s-tastic jackets. Macklemore would have been proud.

The week ended with Grandparents Day on Friday, where students had the opportunity to spend time on campus with their grandparents. The original plan of the dress-down “Pirate Day” was scrapped in lieu of a “dress-up” day. Students planning on attending the Grandparents Day festivities were instead asked to wear their dress uniform, which includes a white, button-down shirt, khaki slacks, and the official school tie.

[photos by Kole Gorney]
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