Marian Players Bring Back Comedic Classic – Tickets On Sale Now!

Capt. Fisby (Michael Stewart) interacts with Sakini (Jimmy Farris) and Lotus Blossum (Sarah Seghers) during a recent rehearsal.  (Photo from

Capt. Fisby (Michael Stewart) interacts with Sakini (Jimmy Farris) and Lotus Blossum (Sarah Seghers) during a recent rehearsal.
(Photo from

The St. Paul’s Marian Players are set to perform the World War II era comedy, “The Teahouse of the August Moon,” starting Nov. 6 at the school’s Alumni Memorial Theatre, a revival that originally graced the school’s stage 11 years ago.

“Teahouse of the August Moon” tells the story of Misfit Captain Fisby who is sent to the Americanize the village of Tobiki on Okinawa, the largest of the Ryukyu Islands. His commanding officer, Col. Wainwright Purdy III,  assigns him a wily local, Sakini, to act as interpreter.

Play director Denny Charbonnet is looking forward to the opening, noting, “When we performed it 11 years ago, it went over very well. It’s a funny play; it focuses around very inept people handling their positions as they try to understand one another, and it sends a good message of seeing people for who they really are and not just what is on the surface.”

"Teahouse" poster illistrated by Judy Church and Christi Simoneaux. Concept by Chloe Charbonnet.

“Teahouse” poster illustrated by Judy Church and Christi Simoneaux. Concept by Chloe Charbonnet.

Charbonnet went on to say that production has been going along smoothly thus far. “The cast is big, a little over 30 people, but everyone is working together nicely and really getting into their roles.”

The role of Sakini is played by Jimmy Farris, and Capt. Fisby is rendered by Michael Stewart. Other roles include Nick Blaise as Sgt. Gregovich, Jonah Knickles as Col. Purdy,  Brennan Skinner as Capt. McLean, Sarah Seghers as Lotus Blossum, Sam Giberga as Ancient Man,  Rachel Rovira as Old Woman (on Jeep), Grace Dumdaw as Old Woman’s Daughter, Jordan Jacob as Mr. Hokaida, David Conroy as Mr Seiko, Trip Russ as Mr. Omura, Trey Couvillion as Mr. Oshira, Ben Kenney as Mr. Sumata, Eric Boudet as Mr. Sumata’s Father, Ross Allbritton as Mr. Keora, Thomas Huval as Mr. Sato, Garrett Shearman as Mr. Takahashi, Samantha Brown as Miss Higa Jiga,  and Alison Curl as Old Woman in Village.

The roles of the villagers are played by Stephen Hammond, Madeline Doucet, Patrick Rudiger, Hailey Berezuik, Mitch Richard, Jack Donham, Sarah Hoerner,  Connor Scott, Aubry Hymel, Sam Nuss, Sam Drouant, A.J. LaCroix, Hailey Berezuik, Nick Davis, Austin Scheyd, Ealon Boudreaux, Cray Pennison, Tyler Fair,  Zac Russ, and Ryley Perez.

Nick Oubre plays the part of the soldier and the children are performed by Isabella Angelette, Sophia Angelette, and Jude Angelette.

Director Denny Charbonnet is aided by Barrett Baumgartner as assistant director, Michael Boudreaux on set construction, Ellen Lipkos on lighting design,  Elise Angelette on costume design/choreography, Evette Thatcher and Renee Sibley with costume construction,  and Janet McRae, Shelley Falkenstein and mothers managing make up.

Additional credit goes to Chloe Charbonnet for poster design concept,  Judy Church and Christi Simoneaux for poster illustrations, Christi Simoneaux for poster layout, Rhonda Baumgartner for props, Dawn Skinner as parent coordinator,  Marcy Donham and Trisha Stewart as food program coordinators, Christopher Damare as stage manager, Garret Grass on light board,  Janet McRae for managing tickets, Barry Auxilien for publicity, Michael Sitarz for the program, and Dustin Simoneaux, Chris Woodman, Zachary Davis, Jack Fleming, Brandon Gallego, David D’Antonio, and Ethan Hopel as stage crew.

Showtimes are Nov. 6, 7. and 9 at 7:00 p.m. and Nov. 10 at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and can be purchased at the St. Paul’s School administration office, (985) 892-3200 ext. 1000, or at Braswell Drugs on Tyler St. in Covington, (985) 892-0818.

“Teahouse of the August Moon” was written by John Patrick and adapted from a novel by Vern Sneider. This production is put on with special permission by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

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