15 Minutes Too Many

Ever since the invention of YouTube and other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and, yes, even MySpace, people have shown the world just how ridiculous and crazy humanity truly is. Posts about how “faith in humanity has been destroyed” have circulated around the interwebs, the “facepalm” has become widely known, and, of course, the endless amounts of parodies have grasped everyone’s attention…sometimes more than the original video. The old saying goes that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, however, the social mediasphere has created a world where, way too often, that “15 minutes” lasts much longer than God ever intended.

Presenting the top 15 crazes that lasted 15 minutes too long.

vine-logo15.) Vine

“Do it for the Vine.” Vines are everywhere and have expanded into other social media rather rapidly. No matter where we go, we can never get away from them. Granted, many of these short videos are quite hilarious and provide most human beings with any social media a brief moment of happiness. However, now that these clips have expanded as far as they have, they have become too popular for what they are. Vines and the new Instagram videos have been clogging up people’s inboxes and news feeds and notifications. When it takes over five minutes to get to an actual post on Facebook that does not contain one of these mini videos, that is when it has become way too intrusive.

14.) Cat videos

Picture taken from YouTube

Image taken from YouTube

We’ve all seen them. They have moved from millions of views on YouTube to national broadcasting on television via commercials and prime time television shows. For some reason, we find animals — especially cats, which do slightly abnormal activities — absolutely amusing and amazing despite the sheer simplicity of the videos themselves. It isn’t so much the actual content that caused these videos to be on the list, but more how overdone this phenomenon is. Nowadays, there is very rarely a video of an animal doing something that doesn’t already have a similar video already in existence. Coming up with original content has proved to be difficult in the past years, so people decide to redo or re-interpret something that has already been done.

13.) Gangnam Style


Image from YouTube

Yes, the high energy dance created by the famous Korean that became a hit sensation in a matter of days. The simplicity of the dance, as well as the lack of understanding of what singer Psy is actually saying, has captured the attention span of many Americans, causing it to become a major hit. Its endless amount of ideas for parodies also fueled the Gangnam fire. With it reaching the number one spot on YouTube’s most viewed videos of all time, it is safe to say that Gangnam Style has taken the United States by storm and has become way too famous for the content of the video as a whole.

12.) Annoying Orange


Image from YouTube

“Hey Apple! Hey Apple! Hey! Hey! Hey Apple!” One of the most famous lines of the Annoying Orange. Ever since its debut on YouTube back in 2009, it has been a harshly criticized piece of fruit. But, this amount of publicity has caused spinoffs of a television show, a videogame, a range of toys, a t-shirt line, and even a costume line. The crude humor, bad jokes, and plain annoyingness of the orange himself are plenty of enough reason for the Annoying Orange to be criticized so harshly. Your 15 minutes are over, Orange. Please roll aside.


Photo from the Fred website

11.) Fred

The high-pitched squeal that accompanies this kid YouTube star can send shivers down anyone’s spine. If all it takes to become famous is a childish haircut and a high pitched voice, fake or real, it is no wonder that Justin Bieber became famous. Not only is it his over-ecstatic attitude, but his overall act as the six-year-old character of Fred that has caused much discord among viewers. Like the Annoying Orange, Fred has somehow made the crossover from computer screen to the television screen. He has three television movies, and Lucas Cruikshank, the actor who plays Fred, has recently begun starring in his own television series, “Marvin Marvin!” The high voice and annoyance of the Fred character caused people to watch his videos just to criticize him, oddly resulting in making him famous…way too famous.

10.) Amanda Bynes

Image from Twicsy

Image from Twicsys

Many teenagers and young adults remember this comedic celebrity from back in the 90s when she starred on her own television variety show, “The Amanda Show.” She was at the top of the world. She starred in movies and guest starred on other shows and, suddenly, began to gradually disappear. Then, one day, out of the blue, Amanda Bynes is arrested for drug abuse. She immediately becomes the center of jokes and media for her “radical” and bizarre changes in behavior. No one in the paparazzi had reported on Amanda Bynes for years. She simply faded away and became one of the names that teenagers and 90s kids would refer to in order to reminisce about their childhood. However, kids and adults alike now know her for her substance abuse and strange antics. The new and unimproved “Amanda Show” is now broadcast by all of the national media and consists of cop cars and court hearings. Not funny, Amanda.

9.) Lindsay Lohan


Photos from antesydespues.com

From the little redhead girl who played a pair of twins in “The Parent Trap” to a mean and heartless high schooler in “Mean Girls”  to imprisoned and washed-up celebrity in what seemed like a matter of days, Lindsay Lohan has made quite a name for herself in recent times, but not necessarily for the better. It’s a shame that someone who had so much decided to throw it all away for drugs. We’ve seen it before with other celebrities, which just goes to show that just because you have a lot of money, doesn’t mean that you are going to use it for the better. With her numerous arrests for many accounts of drug abuse or car wrecks, she has seen more publicity than deserved. It seems as if every few months, we hear something new on the Lohan life. After two or three months of the same thing, it gets to be boring. People begin to expect her to be arrested or in a car crash. It’s nothing new.

8.) Harlem Shake


Picture from YouTube

It all started with one video that made hardly any sense whatsoever. It wasn’t long before it became one of the most known dance video phenomena of our generation. In its prime, The Paper Wolf even hosted a contest for the best Harlem Shake in the school. Often times, even now, the Harlem Shake is used by large groups of people, such as homecoming, as a sort of fun activity. Granted, it may be fun, but it has become extremely overdone. The shortness and utter chaos of the dance has made it so popular because there are absolutely no limits when it comes to this dance. However, it’s long past time to stop shaking.

7.) Rebecca Black

Photo from YouTube

Photo from YouTube

It all started with one poorly made and sung song based on what many teenagers consider their favorite day of the week. Yes, Friday. If you have ever heard the song or seen the music video, it isn’t too tough to understand what has made this song one of the worst things of our generation. The constant repetitiveness of the word Friday, the poor singing, and the lack of creativity has caused people to want to watch this more and hear it more in order to make fun of it. The incredible amount of parodies have only fueled the Friday flame, making Rebecca Black way too famous considering her lack of ability. Talk about a Black Friday.

6.) Online/Text Slang

“OMG! I luv using saying LOL and cray outside of the online realm! Im sooooooo cray!” There is a time and place for everything. Online slang is meant to be online and is allowed in texting. In daily conversations, hearing “LOL” or “hashtag cray” makes many people want to continue the trend of using this slang in order to make fun of it. By doing so, these people show the world how ignorant and immature they really are. The use of online slang offline is pointless. #PleaseStop

5.) High School Musical6c7ca7e2f862948d5c2dbea222a26876b3061f3b

Oh, yes. The ever-famous movie musical that took America by storm. A storm of rage that is. When it came out, kids enjoyed watching it and singing along, as it was intended for youngsters. However, when it was mentioned constantly, shown all the time, and had two sequels with little and poorly constructed plots — not to mention the youngsters growing up and coming to the realization that it stinks — Disney finally made the decision to end the series. Thankfully, this excruciating 15 minutes seems to be over.

4.) Hipsters


Photo from ThePubScout

According to Google, the definition of the word hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions. Nowadays, it has come to be a word that refers more to someone who enjoys out-of-the-norm things and old-fashioned music and entertainment. A hipster is now actually someone who does not participate in mainstream things. Technically, doesn’t this contradict everything that a hipster is supposed to be? Therefore, there are no real hipsters. It has been taken way too far because now people pretend to be hipsters, when in reality, they aren’t. The term hipster has now become contradictory and needs to go away.

3.) Twerking

Twerking. Just the word itself sounds weird. But, if you think that the word is weird, what it really is is just an absolutely freakish and ignorant form of dancing. It represents what our world today looks at as normal and just how little respect the world today gives to men and women alike. If shaking your rear end at other people is considered normal and fun and cool, then how will our world look in two or even three years? What’s next? Twerking has become way too well known simply for its reflection on the human nature of today’s society.

2.) Miley Cyrus

Photos from

Photos from popcrush1057.com

Speaking of twerking…When she first hit the scene on Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” she was seen as the sweet and innocent girl that could do no harm. As the show fades away, Miley fades with it. In the past few months, Miley has gone from cutting and dying her hair to getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth to twerking on Robin Thicke on national television to appearing in a music video licking a sledgehammer. Many would say she has gone off the deep end. However, she had something different to say. She recently appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show and said, “I am all down for getting better and continuing to grow, but it’s not constructive criticism what people do. It’s they kinda take out all their hatred on someone they don’t really know, and I’m sure they would not mind me if they actually had a conversation with me and realized that I have a plan for my life and what I’m doing.” However, her 15 minutes of rather inappropriate behavior needs to come to an end.

1.) Crocs


Photo from WordPress

Rounding out the top at number one is the shoe that everyone wanted and then tossed away in a matter of about a year. In 2006, Crocs took off rather quickly. Everyone wanted them. They were cheap and sturdy shoes. They could be worn in summer and in the water. But then, people began to wake up again. They realized that Crocs looked silly and just served no purpose whatsoever. Some people have even reported that overwearing Crocs, with their lack of support, actually caused orthopedic injuries requiring medical intervention. If you have not already, it’s time to throw those rubber shoes out. Their 15 minutes are way over.

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