Big Easy Comics Relocates to Covington

Big Easy comics sells a variety of comic books and accessories. (photo by Adam Cannon)

Big Easy comics sells a variety of comic books, gaming items and accessories. (photo by Adam Cannon)

Comic book and gaming fans will be happy to hear that Big Easy Comics has expanded its operation and moved to a new, larger location off of Hwy. 190 near 2nd and Charles, featuring two separate rooms, one for comics and one for gaming.

Owner Stephen Smith believes Big Easy and 2nd and Charles will coexist well together, despite competing for some of the same market.

“I think it will be positive for both stores. People going to either store may end going to the other afterwards. Their customer base is larger, but I think we both provide things that the other doesn’t,” Smith said.

The grand opening held on Saturday, Nov. 9, featured multiple costume groups, including the Louisiana 501st, Starfleet, Krewe Du Who, and some local artists. The grand opening also featured a sale of hundreds of action figures, t-shirts, and free comics.

Smith sees the move as nothing but positive for the future of Big Easy Comics.

“The only con I can think of is that people who don’t visit often won’t realize we moved. The pros completely outweigh the single con. The best things are that business will increase since we’re so much closer to the interstate. The other big thing is that O’Neil Theaters next to us will be reopening around December, so we’ll get a lot more people coming in to watch movies that way,” Smith said.

While Big Easy has just moved, Smith hasn’t stopped planning for future expansions.

“We do have some plans. They’re all far off, but we may open another store in the Hammond area, we’ve also wanted to open a coffee shop near our current location,” Smith said.

The store itself has been a dream since he was a kid.

“I’ve collected comics since I was eight years old. It’s something I’ve always loved my whole life, and one day I had an opportunity to buy a closing comic book store’s stock. It started online at first. We built up until we arrived at our Mandeville location, and now we’re in Covington,” Smith said.

The store has some additional upcoming events, including a large Magic: The Gathering tournament scheduled for Saturday, November 16, and a small Warhammer 40k league coming up in a few weeks.

Big Easy Comics is located at 301 N. Hwy. 190 in Covington and is open Tuesday through Sunday, but closed on Mondays. For more information, visit

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