Guerilla Wolves Behind the Scenes

Guerilla Wolves

Chief Editor Thomas Williamson films senior News Anchor Jonah Knickles during a recent episode of Guerilla Wolf News while Jacob LeBlanc records the session with the boom mic.

Guerilla Wolves is Saint Paul’s School’s film and broadcast club that airs episodes every Monday morning on the school’s closed circuit system, Wolf TV. The typical Guerilla Wolves episode consists of news, music reviews, video-game reviews, movie reviews, interviews, and skits. The club accepts members of all grade levels, and offers opportunities to learn video editing, screenplay-writing, and directing.

Guerilla Wolves has been a club for six years, now. Statistically, there have been approximately 62 Guerilla Wolf students at Saint Paul’s since its inception. There are dozens of episodes available to watch on

“Anyone can be a Guerilla Wolf!” Brad Guillory, Guerilla Wolves Moderator, exclaimed.

(photo  by Kole Gorney)
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