St. Paul’s Faculty Gather at the Huether Lasallian Conference

St. Paul's teacher Vic Morlas reading information about the Huether Conference.

St. Paul’s teacher Vic Morlas participates in a conference seminar. (photo provided by Heuther Conference)

St. Paul’s faculty members join Lasallian educators from across the United States and Canada to go to the annual Huether Conference, which embodies the vision and spirit of St. John Baptist de la Salle and centers on Catholic values and academic excellence. Held in various locations around the country each year, this year’s conference was held in New Orleans last month to a record crowd of over 400 educators and administrators.

Through a thoughtful blend of keynote addresses, pre-conference seminars, panel presentations, breakout sessions, and prayer services, scholars from within and outside the Lasallian tradition are called upon to speak on matters pertaining to each year’s theme.

“This year’s themes for the Huether Conference included excellent teaching and unique ways of teaching,” said Trevor Watkins, Assistant Principal of St. Paul’s School and conference attendee.

According to the conference website, the annual event dates back to 1973 when the Regional Education Council of the Christian Brothers in the United States, under the leadership of Brother Francis Huether, organized a workshop to provide secondary school administrators a forum to address educational concerns.

The St. Paul's Band playing at the Huether Conference

The St. Paul’s Liturgical Band provided entertainment prior to the opening prayer service, then lead the music for the service. (photo by Christi Simoneaux)

Faculty were given the day off of teaching in order to attend the conference. They went knowing they were going to receive an open-minded look inside the Lasallian mission. The overall theme for this year’s conference was Meaningful Instruction: Living Lasallian Pedagogy.

“I wanted to further my knowledge of education in general, but also to see where our Lasallian community and the rest of our Catholic school community is going in classroom management and classroom curriculum and also just the larger education community in general,” said Jason Schroeder, Spanish and Science teacher at St. Paul’s.

More than 100 educators from the four Lasallian schools in Louisiana were among the participants, including educators from Christian Brothers School in New Orleans, De La Salle High School in New Orleans, Archbishop Rummel High School in Metairie, and St. Paul’s School in Covington.

“It’s an eye-opener because it’s amazing to really feel concretely how big the community is and to see like-minded people all here for one reason: learning how to better instruct, how to better teach, how to care,” said Brad Marchese, Spanish teacher at St. Paul’s School.

The Huether Conference also provided an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of Lasallian educators from each district at its closing banquets, an important tradition which began in 1987 that continues to this day.

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