Requiem for a Lord of Dream: ‘The Sandman Overture’ Gets Delayed

"Sandman Overture" promotional cover. Photo from

“Sandman Overture” promotional cover. (Image from

The newest addition to “The Sandman” series after 16 years, “Sandman Overture,” starts before it all began: explaining how the Lord of Dreams was weakened so mortally to allow himself capture by humans. The art is gorgeous, every panel given ample detail and color. While these prequels may be more than expected, they will be few and far between.

Author Neil Gaiman has already delayed issue #2 to next year, setting back an already gradual bi-monthly schedule.”The Sandman” is among the most creative of illustrated storytelling. Written by Gaiman and illustrated by a plethora of accomplished artists, “The Sandman” combines mythology and pop culture to produce a story that changed the way we look at comics as a medium.

An explanation may be needed first in order to better understand the significance of “Sandman: Overture.” “The Sandman” broke onto the market in the January of 1989, when DC Comics asked Neil Gaiman to make a new Sandman to revitalize a former series. The only requirement for Gaiman: discard the old Sandman, make something completely new.

Gaiman did more than that; he created a comic that changed the industry forever. Comics no longer fell into the simple classification of  superheroes and action. Thought and perspective on real life could be made with illustrations: drugs, sexuality, religion, mythology, comedy, and tragedy all weave themselves together to form a story of the seven Endless. Morpheus is Dream, an aspect of a figment absolute. He embodies all compositions of the idea of dream — tall, pale with eyes an opaque shadow — a completely inhuman concept which the reader feels genuine empathy towards.

Gaiman is currently touring the world doing book signings, which he cites as the reason for the delay in production. There is no doubt he has been hard at work, even breaking a world record for most books signed in a sitting. In the meantime, fans anxiously await the next issue.

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