Deadliest Teacher: The Matrix ( Part V )

When we last left off, Mr. Dart had been vanquished by Ms. Jordan in an avalanche of textbooks. While all was quiet in LaSalle Hall, trouble was brewing once again in the Main School Building. Something diabolical was going on in the science lab. After two days of operations, Mr. Carambat had completed his latest and most revolutionary experiment. He had successfully transformed Coach Rob into the ultimate teaching and fighting machine. Coach Rob now had the strength of ten Tucker Faust’s, the grace and speed of Eric Coston, and the brain of Zach Albright. He was quite impressive, to say the least.

As Mr.Carambat prepared to unchain Coach Rob and let him wreak havoc upon Saint Paul’s, something very unexpected happened. With a mighty clap, Coach Pierre had destroyed every window and light bulb on the second floor of the Main School Building.

“Looks like I got here just in time,” said Coach Pierre. “A few more seconds, and Coach Rob could have almost destroyed all of us.”

Will it be enough to defeat Coach Pierre?
Will it be enough to defeat Coach Pierre?

“And he still will!” laughed Mr. Carambat. ” There’s nothing that can stop Coach Rob! Not even you, Coach Pierre!” Mr. Carambat quickly pulled a small green rock from his pocket.

“That’s not nearly enough kryptonite to stop Me, Mr. Carambat. Just stop now, and I’ll go easy on you,” said Coach Pierre.

With an even more sinister smile then before, Mr. Carambat looked to Coach Pierre. “This isn’t kryptonite, Coach. It’s a special crystalized combination of testosterone and adrenaline!” laughed Mr. Carambat, as he tossed the rock into Coach Rob’s mouth.

Coach Rob
The transformed hulking Coach Rob attacks.

Coach Rob’s body underwent a jaw-dropping transformation that made the Hulk look like a small child. His muscles were so massive, they had shattered the shackles once restraining them. Coach Rob ran towards Coach Pierre, and rather effortlessly, judo-kicked him through the walls of the Main School Building, kicking him off of campus, disqualifying and eliminating him from the competition.

What will happen to Mr. Carambat? Can Coach Rob be stopped? Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Deadliest Teacher : The Matrix!


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