The Trouble with Procrastination

A meme of procrastination (photo by

A meme of procrastination (image from

Procrastination is very common among high school students, and with the  recent science fair at St. Paul’s and numerous upcoming projects, procrastination could potentially affect grades.

Something most procrastinators see when they are doing a project (photo by Avraham Byers)

(photo by Abraham Byers)

Most people think procrastination is just an issue that involves putting things off that can be done later without much of a penalty. But, procrastination could cause a decline in your grade or make your teacher have less faith in your ability to work hard on assignments and projects.

Teachers can tell who actually put time into doing their project and who waited to the night before to do the entire thing.

“It’s not hard to see who actually gave it their all to do their assignment and did a thorough investigation into their project to give a good presentation to the science fair judges and myself,” said Jason Schroeder, Physical Science and Biology teacher at St. Paul’s.

Physician Hara Estroff Marano stated in Psychology Today that 20 percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them, procrastination is a lifestyle.

Some students, however, actually take their work and projects very seriously.

“I really try hard to do my best on projects. And, if I get an A or C, I would know that I tried my hardest to get that grade,” said sophomore Peter Olsen.

Some helpful tips from productivity expert Henrik Edberg to stop procrastinating are: create a to-do list, stop thinking and start doing, remove distractions, just take it one step at a time, just make a decision, motivate yourself, and finally, focus on your end goal.

For more tips for stopping procrastination, visit these sites:


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