Wolf of the Week – Charlie Quinlan

Charlie taking a pre homecoming picture with his date for the evening
Charlie and his date prepare for the Homecoming Dance.

Congratulations to this week’s Wolf of the Week, Charlie Quinlan, winner of The Paper Wolf Bowl Pick Em’ Contest. The contest consisted of picking the winner of each college football bowl game. Of the 36 games, Charlie had guessed correctly on 96% of the games. A sophomore, Charlie is a member of the Track and Cross Country teams,  Lasallian Youth Leaders, and Student Hosts. He’s the kind of guy who likes to keep to himself, but when you talk to him, he lights up the whole conversation. Charlie  is a prime example of a well-respected St. Paul’s Wolf, and is an excellent student, as well. Here are some features and facts about this week’s Wolf of the Week:

  • 15 years old
  • Stands at 5’6″ 115 lbs.
  • Oldest of 3, has a younger brother and sister
  • In Elementary school, he attended Our Lady of the Lake
  • His favorite thing to do out of school is to go fishing
  • His favorite music genre is country
  • If a movie was made about his life, he would want to play himself in the movie

    Charlie holding up a fish that he caught after going fishing with family
    Charlie enjoys fishing with his family.
  • Wants to attend LSU for college, but does not know what he wants to study as of now
  • As a child growing up, he wanted to play basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • He is said to be a man of action, not words
  • How others describe Charlie: scholar, athlete, a romantic, transcendental, a theater fanatic,  smart, and bold without calling attention to himself


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