Lacrosse Team has Eye on the Prize in New Season

The St. Paul’s Lacrosse Wolves are hoping to make their 2014 season the best yet. Coming off of a State Runner-Up position last season, and with the growing popularity of the sport, this year promises to be one of the most exciting in the sport’s short history at the school.

“Last year we accomplished some of our goals,” said Head Coach Austin Speni. “We won the district, but fell short in the finals against Jesuit in the final seconds of play.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.25.22 AM

SPS player dodges the check from an Ocean Springs defender during their 12-8 victory.
(Photo from

When asked about the goals for the 2014 Lacrosse wolves, there was only one thing on Speni’s mind.

“We need to win the state championship. That’s our goal.”

Junior lax player Kole Gorney also commented on who he thought their predicted opponent will be if they should make it to the State Championship.

“It’s probably going to come down to us and Jesuit again,” Gorney predicts.

But, that poses no fear for the lacrosse team. In fact, junior lax player Chris Rogers said that their chances of winning state this year against the Blue Jays are in their favor.

“I think our chances are good just because of the talent we have on the team,” Rogers said.

Speni said that this year’s team is a mix of a strong defense and a newly formed offense, both of which he has high hopes for in the upcoming season.

“This year we have a very physical and athletic defense. Our offense is relatively new with two players switching to new positions. I think we will be effective when April comes around,” Speni said.

photo 3

SPS players wait on the sideline at practice as they wait to get in on the next drill.
(Photo by Trey Couvillion)

Rogers also commented on the defense the wolves have for this year’s team.

“Our defense is really strong, we have a lot of new talent,” Rogers said.

Within the past few years, lacrosse has grown in a big way. Not just at SPS, but all over Louisiana. Speni says that the combination of sports that help make up lacrosse is why the game is always exciting.

“It’s a combination of soccer, hockey, and basketball. There is never a dull moment,” Speni said.

The Lacrosse Wolves next home game at Hunter Stadium is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 15, against the Brother Martin Crusaders with the time still to be determined. For more information on the team, visit

To view upcoming lacrosse game schedule and scoreboard from past games click here.

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