SPS Summer Camps Now Open for Registration


Every June and July, kids have something to look forward to in the St. Paul’s summer camps, which include everything from drama to football. Registration is now open for kids ages 8 to 14 for the various camps.

The coaches stress the importance of the camps, especially because the sports camp population usually consists of future SPS student athletes, and often a good experience at camp could be what encourages a student to attend St. Paul’s or pursue participation in a particular sport at the high school level.

Sports camps include baseball, soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, speed skills, and one the most recent additions to the SPS sports curriculum, lacrosse. According to the SPS website, the goal of each sports camp is to teach fundamentals and strengthen the students’ foundation in the sport with the support of high school student-athletes.


SPS JV soccer coach and soccer camp coordinator, Tommy Lahey. (Photo by Thomas Huval)

“SPS basketball camp helps you realize what the staff is all about, and helps you to adjust to the system and team,” Stephen Hammond, SPS junior and varsity basketball player, said.

The effect of the camps can be shown by the amount of players on varsity squads who attended the camps prior to attending SPS, similar to Hammond.

“I think my favorite part of the camps is getting to see the current (St. Paul’s athletes) interact with the campers, and getting to see the perspective of a teacher or a coach. I think that it really helps their attitude on there own respective teams,” Tommy Lahey, JV soccer coach and soccer camp coordinator, said.

In addition to the sports camps, SPS also offers a drama camp. The camp — which is put on by the school’s theater troupe, the Marian Players — plays a big part in attracting members to the troupe.

“My favorite part about drama camp is working with the kids and watching them progress in their theatrical techniques. A cool part of the camp is that the campers put on their own play, which is usually a fractured fairy tale, such as a mixture of Rapunzel, Cinderella, and the Three Little Pigs,” Ross Albritton, SPS junior and Marian Player, said.

The repeated success of the drama camp is seen by the amount of campers who come out for tryouts and auditions each year.

This year’s drama camp will be held the week of June 2 -6 and will cost $165 for the week. For more information, contact camp director Elise Angelette at angelettefamily@att.net.

Sports camps will operate from June through July, with one week reserved for each separate sport. For information on dates and how to register for any of the SPS summer sports camp programs, click here.

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