St. Paul Quiz Bowl Team Buzzing In

Quiz Bowl-basic

St. Paul’s Quiz Bowl team is just starting up their season, and practicing daily in hopes to be the 2014 Louisiana Quiz Bowl Championship. The team has done very well in the years the club has been here at St. Paul’s. It takes a wide range of knowledge and skill to be successful in the Quiz Bowl competitions, as players compete by testing their knowledge of history, literature, and science.

The competition is played with a lockout buzzer system between two five-member teams. The moderator reads the questions to the teams and whoever buzzes in first will get a chance to answer. If answered correctly, their team gets the points. If answered incorrectly, the opposing team will get a chance to answer the same question. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

“I enjoy pushing the buzzer because it makes a loud noise and scares the other team. They know when I hit the buzzer they have no chance of answering,” states senior Quiz Bowl member, Jonah Knickles.

Many people on campus have never heard of Quiz Bowl, and many more have never attended a match, but it is said to be a very interesting and exciting competition.

“It’s amazing how they have such a wide variety of knowledge in all these subjects,” said Christi Simoneaux, Journalism teacher at St. Paul School, regarding a match she watched during a previous season. “It’s like Jeopardy on steroids.”

The Quiz Bowl team practices very hard learning the information to dominate the competition, typically practicing at the early hour of 7:00 am.  Knickles notes that it would mean a lot to the team if they could get some support from their classmates at a match. The date of the next match has not yet been announced, but interested students are encouraged to listen to daily school announcements for more information.


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