‘Anything Goes’ with the St. Paul’s Marian Players

Anything Goes Poster FINALThe St. Paul’s School Marian Players are just about ready to debut their next show, “Anything Goes,” on Mar. 26 through April 6 at the school’s Alumni Memorial Theatre, a production that hasn’t been performed at the school in seven years.

The musical comedy is a 1962 off-Broadway revival set in the 1930s that takes place on an ocean liner, The American, traveling form New York to London. The story involves a young man named Billy Crocker, who has stowed away to follow a girl, Hope Harcourt. Hope is engaged to Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and is traveling with her mother to London to marry him. Billy is trying to stop the wedding and is aided in his quest by Reno Sweeny, a night club singer, and Moonface Martin, Public Enemy #13.

Director Denny Charbonnet is thrilled about the upcoming production, stating, “I have done the show twice before and repeat it again because it is so much fun to do. The characters are wonderful, and the music is fantastic. You can’t beat a Cole Porter score. It’s fresh and new with each new cast. Each actor brings some of himself to the character, another facet of the character. I love seeing it through their eyes.”

Michael Stewart plays Billy, to Caitlin Smith's Reno, while Sam Giberga plays Moonface in Saint Paul School's upcoming production of 'Anything Goes'. (photo by from Nola.com)
Michael Stewart plays Billy to Caitlin Smith’s Reno, while Sam Giberga plays Moonface in St. Paul School’s upcoming production of ‘Anything Goes.’
(photo from Nola.com)

The main character Billy is played by senior Michael Stewart, and Sir Evelyn is played by senior Bryan Livaudais. Additional characters include: Reno Sweeny played by Caitilin Smith, Hope Harcourt played by Samantha Brown, Moonface Martin played by Sam Giberga, Bonnie played by Emily Ruli, Elisha Whitney played by Trey Couvillion, Mrs. Harcourt played by Abbey Hollingsworth, Chastity (angel)  played by Sarah Seghers,  Charity (angel) played by Rachel Rovira, Purity (angel) played by Catherine McWilliams, and Virtue (angel) played by Grace Grundmann.

Additional cast members include Pursers played by Thomas Huval and Josh Nunez; Stewards played by Ross Allbritton, Jack Donham, and Ian Conroy; Captain played by Jordan Jacob; Ching played by Jimmy Farris; Ling played by Garrett Shearman; Drunk played by Ben Kenney; Jailer played by Bradley del Rio; Reporter (Charlie) played by Trip Russ; Cameramen played by Patrick Rudiger and Nick Oubre; Bishop played by Eric Boudet; and Sailors played by Sam Nuss and Austin Scheyd.

Tap dancers are Kate Rovira and Madison Hayes. Chorus/Back-up dancers are Madeline Doucet, Jacqueline Doucet, Alyssa Azuara, Amelia Hoffeld, and Lily Huval.

Passengers on the ship are played by Nico Arcuri, Margaret Baglow, Hailey Bereziuk, Ealon Boudreaux, Judy Church, Grace Dumdaw, Tyler Fair, Jack Fleming, Megan Henshaw, Sarah Hoerner, Elizabeth Hummel, Aubry Hymel, Abby Ketelsen, A.J. LaCroix, Grace Pierson, Heather Riecke, Alicia Rosano, Cathleen Sanborn, Kyle Shiell, Dustin Simoneaux, Juliette Ulfers, and Ellie Wright.

Musicians for the show include Bro. Ken Bosch, F.S.C., as Musical Director and piano accompanist, James Killeen on bass, Andrew Moran on percussion, Iana Obolenska-Moran on keyboard, Francis Rousselle on trumpet, and Randy Lanier on drums.

Director Denny Charbonnet is aided by Assistant/’Technical Director Barrett Baumgartner, Set Coordinator Michael Boudreaux, Vocal Coach Shawn Patterson, Choreography/Costume Designer Elise Angelette, and Tap Choreographer Kristen Johnson. Costume construction was done by Evette Thatcher, Renee Sibley, and Christine Balgow; lighting design by Ellen Lipkos; poster design by Christi Simoneaux and Judy Church; make-up design by Janet McRae and Shelley Falkenstein; parent coordination by Lisa Nunez; food program by Trisha Stewart and Marcy Donham; and props by Rhonda Baumgartner and the Drama Mamas.

Christopher Damare acts as Stage Manager with assistance from crew members Jordan Kliebert, Christian Thibodeaux, David D’Antonio, and Patrick Stewart. Tickets are handled by Janet McRae, and publicity is handled by Christi Simoneaux, Barry Auxilien, and Karen Hebert.

Evening performances will be held March 26, 27, 28, 29 and April 2, 3, and 5 at 7:00 p.m. Matinee performances will be at 3:00 p.m. on March 30 and April 6. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for students and can be purchased at Braswell Drugs on Tyler St. in Covington (892-0818) or at the school’s administrative office on campus (892-3200 ext. 1000).

The show will be performed by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., 560 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10022.


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