Wolf of the Week- Coach Mick

Mick2The Wolf of the Week is none other than SPS Head Baseball Coach Mick Nunez. Coach Mick is known as a funny guy and fun teacher. He always has a joke in the back of his head that he is ready to share at a moment’s notice. He went to Tulane University, where he received a B.S. degree in Social Science. He graduated from St. Paul’s in 1988 and has been teaching and coaching at St. Paul’s since 1996.

Some interesting facts you may not know about Coach Mick:

  • He is 6’2″.
  • For Christmas, he wanted a new bow.
  • If he could be any superhero, he would be Superman.
  • His favorite quote is, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” (Oscar Wilde)
  • Fishing on the Tchefuncte River is Mick’s favorite thing to do outside of school.
  • His nickname is “Mick,” but his full name is Harry Miguel Nunez III.
  • His favorite hobby (besides fishing) is running. He averages 35 miles a week. 
  • Favorite movie is “Green Street Hooligans,” the 2005 football crime drama staring Elijah Wood.
  • Favorite TV show is 80’s/90’s sit-com, “Cheers.”
  • Favorite video game is the retro 80’s two-dimensional arcade shooting game, “Defender.”
  • Best place he has visited was a toss-up between Jamaica and Ireland.
  • If he could travel anywhere in whole world, he would go to Jamaica or Ireland again.
  • His favorite color is red (next to blue and gold, of course).
  • His father, Harry, is also a coach at St. Paul’s. During his time here, Harry has coached baseball, wrestling, and was head coach for football. He still coaches baseball today.
  • Mick played football, wrestled, and played baseball when he was a student at St. Paul’s.
  • Mick returned to St. Paul’s after graduating from college because he loves it here. St. Paul’s forevermore!


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