Yik Yak Yuck

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse. Just when I think that pointless social media sites are done being created, I am yet again surprised in the most unpleasant way. This new form of social media is worse than if Twitter and Snapchat were to have a baby. The new craze is all about “Yik Yak.”

Yik Yak is an anonymous social media site that allows people to post on a feed similar to Twitter. There are a few catches, thoughyik. Like I said, it’s anonymous (which is the first mistake), and you can only read the “Yaks” within a certain mile radius. Both of these thing make idiotic teens crazy about the app that is certain to put another dent in the side of my generation.

Most people think that I am totally against social media…and to an extent, I am. But, I have conformed somewhat to the trends of Facebook (which is dead), Instagram (which has flatlined), and Snapchat (which is okay sometimes). But, I just wish I could have experienced growing up without having all of these “conveniences” right at our finger tips. I hate to sound like I hate my generation, but again, to an extent I do.

Back to Yik Yak (the name alone just sounds like a cat throwing up). It’s bad when you put insecure teenagers behind a screen with the cloak of a user name where they can say pretty much anything. But, it’s 10 TIMES WORSE WHEN YOU TAKE AWAY THAT USER NAME. NO ONE HAS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT THEY SAY, AND THERE ARE LITERALLY NO BOUNDARIES. “But Trey, what about freedom of speech, man?” Having freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have the right to go online and bully someone for how they look, what they do, or what they don’t do. “You’re wrong, Trey. These kids just need to have thicker skin. They’re just sissies.” Funny to see how fast people reverse their thoughts about this when it’s them getting blasted by five anonymous people at the same time, all saying the same brutal things. I’m telling you, there isn’t just petty trash-talk happening on Yik Yak, it’s full on verbal assault. There are not enough words that I could fit into this article that express how strong my feelings are about this app and the people that post these horrible things about others. These teens are too afraid of confronting someone in real life, so they type words on a phone and put them on a news feed. It simply disgusts me.

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  1. Trey– Thanks for your article.  I think social media is an utter waste of time.  I had a twitter account for a couple of months and canceled it. I was wasting my time.  I  have a great nephew at LA Lafayette — second year — who just told his father that he’s stopped reading Facebook and is following the stock market. WOW.   Br John


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